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Friday , October 21 2016

Monthly Archives: July 2012

LIAR CENTRAL – Pelosi: President Obama’s Been to Israel ‘Over and Over Again’ | Not Once as President


Daniel Halper has called attention to Nancy Pelosi’s remarkable interview with Al Hunt on the topic of Barack Obama and Israel. I’d note one comment in particular: Pelosi’s claim that President Obama “has been there [Israel] over and over again.” Wow. I’m involved with the Emergency Committee for Israel. We have an …

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’2016: Obama’s America’ Was Third Highest Grossing Film At The Box Office This Weekend (Jul 16)


“2016: Obama’s America” the anti-Obama independent film created by director Dinesh D’Souza had a very strong showing during the documentary’s opening weekend. The film opened at a single theater in Texas over the weekend amid a “low key” protest by President Barack Obama supporters, The Blaze reports. “2016: Obama’s America” grossing more than $31,750 from …

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GREAT VIDEO!! Keith Olbermann White Guilt Video that Probably Got Him Fired at MSNBC


This was before the MSNBC went to the slave auction and brought in radical so-called educated black Americans that demonized regular black Americans that chose not to follow the Democratic Party anymore. Check it out!!! httpvh:// Remember now, that’s a lot of Rich White People on this video… One thing …

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Abortion Billboard campaign sparks race debate | Al Sharpton Spokesman Embarrasses himself


NOTE: I think that CNN put these two individuals on TV and gave them different topics before allowing them to faceoff because this representative from Al Sharpton’s National Action Network seems so far in left field.  A controversial billboard campaign has sparked a debate over abortion and race. The billboards …

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Obama’s Friend Rahm Emanuel Seeks to Ban Christian Owned Chick-fil-A from City


httpvh:// Rahm Emanuel has backed calls to keep Chick-fil-A from doing business in his city, saying the restaurant chain’s Christian beliefs on marriage “are not Chicago values.” Meanwhile, the Boston Globe has come to the defense of Chick-fil-A leaders’ right to hold those beliefs in the wake of similar comments …

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Blatant Racism – Obama ignores rest of middle class children with Executive Order to bolster Black American Students

School Kids Diversity

President Obama has decided to just go gangsta in showing his cards as being obviously desperate. Polling numbers down, spending millions on negative ads which are not working or pushing his numbers upward. Obama has decided to further strained race relations by signing another executive order…this time for one race …

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DNC Director Tells MSNBC Obama, Dems Have Never Taken Romney’s Words Out Of Context


On Wednesday, Democratic National Committee Executive Director Patrick Gaspard appeared on MSNBC with Chuck Todd to address a complaint by President Barack Obama‘s reelection team that Mitt Romney’s campaign has taken his “you didn’t build that” comment out of context. Gaspard said unequivocally that “no,” neither the Obama campaign nor …

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