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Thursday , October 27 2016

Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mitt Romney: “If the American People want to see this Economy come Roaring Back with Good Jobs, they Ought to Vote for Me”


Here’s an interview Gov. Mitt Romney did with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow yesterday. Romney said the Obama Campaign is running entirely on attacking his private sector experience because he does not want a substantive debate on the U.S. Economy. Romney said Barack Obama has focused on imposing his liberal agenda on …

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Raising 4 Romney Web Ad: “One Minute” – Support this Youth Group


httpvh:// Thanks to everyone for your support for Raising For Romney so far and your strong, online presence! As you are well aware, a short time ago, I created an unaffiliated grassroots coalition in support of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Raising For Romney is an initiative to rally all Americans …

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Santorum: Obama Is A “Two-Bit Dictator” – Watch ABCNews Reporter take exception


RICK SANTORUM: If you look at this president going out an saying, ‘I’m going to change the law on welfare. I’m going to eliminate the work requirement.’ It’s something that we fought for, President Clinton signed, huge transformation of the welfare rolls, dramatic reductions, increases in employment, reductions in poverty. …

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Mitt Romney Ad Resurfaces – Obama Singing to Donors While Middle Class Unemployment Rise


Seriously, it’s easy to smile at your donors but the American people still need help and it’s not a funny matter!! [flowplayer src=’′ width=455 height=325] Middle class families are struggling in the Obama economy. Instead of working to restore their economic security, President Obama is too busy rewarding his biggest …

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