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Tuesday , October 25 2016

Monthly Archives: June 2013

Supreme Court Strikes down key portion of Voting Rights Act – Time for Country to move Foward

Supreme Court Health Care Possible Outcomes

It’s about damn time! No one disputes that racial discrimination still may exist, although it has lessened considerably in the past five decades, and is no longer the greatest stumbling block to the advancement of minority communities. Even less prevalent are any institutionalized bars to minority voting, which the act …

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LIVE: Daily Viewing of the Trial of George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Incident – VIDEO


George Zimmerman Live Trial Video: will carry the entire George Zimmerman trial live via WTSP. We are adding their feed to the page. More than a year after the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin sparked controversy across the country, prosecution and defense lawyers will finally get to outline their …

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Rep Hank Johnson gives new meaning to Ass-Clown in disgusting questioning of Greiving Parents of Children killed by Illegal Immigrants


There is absolutely no cure for STUPIDITY and Hank is a testament to that statement. According to National Review Online, Hank Johnson “stood up for some of the most important victims of congressional gridlock: children’s birthday parties and comedians trying to make their voices high-pitched.” He was, in short, discussing a bill …

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SHOCK! Twitter Shuts Down Black American Leadership Alliance after appearance on O’Reilly regarding DC March


As you know, the Black American Leadership Alliance’s (BALA) twitter followers skyrocketed following our founder, Leah Durant’s appearance on O’Reilly last week.  The next day, their twitter account was shut down.  Here’s why.  Recently we learned there are organized groups of subscribers who will bombard with complaints of …

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UK Guardian Breaks News on NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden who speaks on Camera; Defecting to China


Whether you agree or not with this man exposing the NSA’s secrets, one thing you can’t argue is the American deserved to know about all the data being collected on them. What this man has done is very courageous and the American people should be grateful to him. …

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CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG – “Rouge” Cincinnati IRS Workers Say Washington IRS Officials Helped Direct Tea Party Probe


CINCINNATI — Two Internal Revenue Service employees in the agency’s Cincinnati office told congressional investigators that IRS officials in Washington helped direct the probe of tea-party groups that began in 2010 — contradicting earlier statements by top IRS officials that two low-level workers were to blame, according to the Wall …

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Wetumpka Tea Party President Becky Gerritson – ‘I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born free American woman’


This woman spoke for all Americans that the Obama liberal radical thugs have silenced through intimidation of any kind. And notice the crappy Democrats trying to deflect by accusing Conservatives of bringing it on themselves. God Bless this woman. Obama and his band of democrat criminals along with some Republican …

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Democrat McDermott shows how Biased and Partisan he is while Rep Paul Ryan Comes to Aid of Witnesses


Let’s imagine during a Republican administration it was ordered that McDermott be targeted by the IRS. They send him questionnaires about his personal and financial matters. They audit him. They look at his bank and investment records. They ask questions about his family. They ask him what political party he …

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K Carl Smith – Racism Dog Whistle doesn’t work under Frederick Douglass Republican Title and here’s why – VIDEO


“Between speaking fees, investments and income from presidential appointments, Frederick Douglass’ was able to mass $300,000 in savings–an equivalence of $25 million dollars today. We shouldn’t ENVY those earning $250,000 per year. We should EMULATE them. That’s how jobs are created.” ~ KCarl Smith, ConservativeMESSENGER K Carl Smith defines why …

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Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory’s Leaves Democrats to become Republican – Full Speech


Louisiana state Sen. Elbert Guillory has joined the Republican Party, becoming the first black Republican senator in Louisiana since Reconstruction. Sen Guillory announced his new affiliation during the @large Conference, an event aimed at attracting black conservatives to the Republican Party. Guillory has a conservative voting record and has long …

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