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Tuesday , October 25 2016

Monthly Archives: January 2014

So this is Maryland Now? Transgender Candidate to Challenge Gay Senator


A transgender candidate has announced she will run against an openly gay state senator in Montgomery County in the Democratic primary. Dana Beyer, who is the executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, made the announcement Thursday. Beyer says Maryland residents have waited too long for economic fairness and equal opportunity. …

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LIBERALS ARGUE! Pelosi “The System isn’t Corrupt”; Stewart “The system is Corrupt”


In a half-hour interview released today on the Daily Show‘s website, Stewart expressed his frustration with Washington, starting with the fumbled Obamacare website that Pelosi said “will be better.” Cutting to competence, Stewart was surprised when Pelosi avoided responsibility for the problem-plagued website, part of the system she pushed through for President Obama. “Why …

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David Gregory jokes on Mary Landrieu – You can run but can’t hide from Obamacare

David Gregory Tells Landrieu She can run but can't hide from Obamacare

David Gregory is right for once – Democrat incumbents like Sen. Mary Landrieu can run, but they can’t hide from their complicity with, and support for, Barack Obama. Landrieu trails one of her GOP challengers by four points in her 2014 race for re-election. httpvh:// By the way, doesn’t Gregory …

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MSNBC Brzezinski Tears into Atlanta Democrat Mayor over Snow; Where is this attitude w/Obama?

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.28.47 AM

Why does the mayor have to do MSNBC’s job determining what person at what agency controls closure of highways? The numerous co-hosts of MSNBC’s morning show tore into Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who’s been blustery toward criticism that his city mangled the emergency response to Atlanta’s snowstorm. Reed took “his …

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Sen. Mike Lee Grills Eric Holder on Executive Orders Overreach: ‘But You’re the Attorney General’


I applaud Mike Lee for this attack. This is likely America’s best alternative at keeping the President in check. If congress let’s him act without challenging him on his abuse of powers, overturning these decisions through activist judges will cost millions and may never happen. Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ted …

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WAR! CNN Host Goes Hard Against Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed over snow, who hits back on her Bias

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.47.05 PM

The city of Atlanta’s apparent lack of preparedness has resulted in criticism of Mayor Kasim Reed. Today, Reed joined CNN anchor Carol Costello for a hostile interview in which the mayor repeatedly insisted that “independent” entities were responsible for the lack of preparedness and the outrage aimed at him was …

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