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About Wayne Dupree

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.15.59 AMWayne E. Dupree is the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year, an award-winning radio host and the founder of WAARadio – We Are America Radio.

Dupree’s WAAR continues the growth of “New Media” in conservative circles by adding a voice for grassroots activism in the tradition of Andrew Breitbart, who Wayne was privileged to meet a few weeks before his untimely death. In blazing his own trail, Wayne proudly carries the Breitbart standard of “Walking Toward the Fire” by being a strong conservative voice, adding his commentary to current events and challenging the Obama administration’s policies.

Wayne is a leading national conservative voice. He is also a member of Project 21, a black leadership network, is a regular contributor to NewsmaxTV and the One America News Network. He has been personally sought out by FoxNews Sean Hannity Black Conservative Special and Fox & Friends, as well as appearing on two Glenn Beck Specials. Dupree has also been a radio guest on nationally syndicated shows hosted by Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Steve Malzberg. His writing has also been published by the Washington Times at the request of FoxNews Contributor Monica Crowley.

But Wayne’s true home is social media. Every day, Wayne directly interacts with over 85K followers on Twitter and with over 54K Facebook friends, that has reached an amazing 1.5 Million conservatives daily. His website, reaches nearly 1,000,000 views per month. Wayne’s internet radio show, “The Wayne Dupree Show”, hosts a veritable “Who’s Who” of conservative politics, including Dr. Ben Carson, Col. Allen West, Michelle Malkin, Monica Crowley, Dinesh D’Souza, and a host of other newsmakers. In his second year of being an conservative activist, Wayne earned the 2014 “Best in Show: Podcast” award at the National Bloggers Club “BlogBash” event held during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Wayne isn’t just a keyboard activist – he walks the walk, too. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Wayne is a frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies across America. In 2014, he participated in a Florida-to-Minnesota bus tour hosted by Tea Party Express that staged rallies in over a dozen cities in between. Wayne is also an invited speaker at Americans For Prosperity (AFP) and other rallies, and is part of the leader of the first media team ever invited to cover the Act for America Conference in 2014.

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  1. '76 Son of Libe

    Glad to see this site up and running. Wayne, you are one of the leading grassroot conservatives. You, like me, want your country back on track to the top. I am 100% on board. Lets roll. @1776Freedwriter

  2. kdavis

    It is sad but amazing that no matter how badly an ethnic group is treated that they invariably find sympathizers in their own group to express the paranoia and biases of the majority. You and Clarence Thomas are CLOWNS!!!

  3. Jazz & Silver

    I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, thanks to The Beautiful Man-James T. Harris who ran your links, for along with him you expose the shallow thinking of today's Liberals.

  4. Duckdog

    Hi Wayne, when I have I have "worry" moments which have been more lately,  I log in and find something new that is uplifting and encouraging.  We are in a battle for this Nation's future  . 

  5. MsContrary

    I admire your guts. Stay the course. We admirers will be the wind  beneath your wings.

  6. Speakers List-DC March for Jobs | remember1986

    […] My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more. I feel it’s our responsibility as conservatives to fight back against the liberal hate machine and meet them head on with like-minded strength and dedication. Read more: […]

  7. Okpara Zaimah

    good ole house boy !!! what is it , about 22 of you all ??? all you sell-out talk about how many people follow you but they don't follow you toms to the polls , thank god !!!

  8. alracxoc

    Thank you for speaking the truth, I agree with your ideals& will join your Facebook following!

  9. BeverlySueWalts

    I love you Wayne Dupree!! Keep telling the truth… thank God for people who aren`t scared to tell the truth!!

  10. learnercurious1

    "end Human bankruptcy"an idea whose time has come. The first time I heard the name and voice of Wayne Dupree I went home excited and skeptical.A big combination.I told my wife there is hope.
     Lets give credit to the radio talk show and host where I got introduced to Wayne.Talk 1073fm here in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.None other than" a bother of a mother of another color" Clarence Buggs.Those are words of Claence abd Wayne that day.I said fo myself.That's Me.Bother of another color.
    You can find Clarence Buggs at Talk 1073fm. Monday through Friday 10am cst.Lisren through internet.

  11. westillbelieve

    Hey Wayne it's Jay of We Still Believe…what do you think of the Tea Party and folks like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz?

  12. GregHarris1

    I like this story, I even passed it on, but you know that it's generally said to be a complete fabrication, right?  A least that's the general claim that's on the INTERNET about it.   Do you have any facts, any information, that would support a rebuttal to that claim?

  13. FarmerTom

    You do your cause, with which I don't agree anyway, no good by posting easily disproved fabrications. Stick to the truth and you will be more persuasive.

  14. newsninja2012

    FarmerTom Tom thanks for your entry. We can talk in agreement and work together for better solutions but do me a favor next time, leave your negativity for liberal websites. Thanks again!

  15. newsninja2012

    GregHarris1The story was never considered factual. However, it was a representation of truth and the merits can't be disputed except for those that don't agree will say the story is not true. But if these conditions existed it would be the outcome. That's where the message is lost. 

    The story was done over a year ago. Someone found it just last week and it's gone viral because so many people agree with the outcome.

  16. garybrsbin

    I would like to know the prof and the college this happened at: This Story of a Prof Who Fails His Entire Class to Illustrate Obama's Socialism Has the Left Furious. It would be nice to know the facts are and the places it happened

  17. independent234

    The story of the professor who failed and entire class is not a representation of the truth. It’s an outright lie, obvious to anyone with a minimal understanding of the facts and common sense. President Obama has never called for everyone to be equal in wealth. Rich people have done very well under Obama. You also have no proof that if these conditions existed, that would be the outcome. When I was in college, I worked on group projects where everyone in the group got the same grade, regardless of how much or how little work they did, and that did not stop people from working hard and doing well. Regardless, President Obama is not calling for all Americans to have equal incomes. Conservatives can’t win on the facts, so they come up with dishonest misrepresentations likes this one. Conservatives are liars.
    Conservatives are evil. Conservatives want to take food away from hungry children and even hungry babies. Conservatives fight to prevent sick people from having access to quality healthcare. Conservatives want to destroy the environment. Conservatives believe that fast-food workers shouldn’t make enough money to feed their families.
    Conservatives are wrong about everything. Conservatives said Reagan’s tax cuts will reduce budget deficits. Instead, we saw huge increases in the deficit and the tripling of the national debt. Conservatives said that Clinton’s tax increase would cause a recession. Instead, we saw unprecedented economic growth. Conservatives said Bush’s tax cuts and deregulation would create millions of jobs. Instead, millions of Americans ending up losing jobs as a result of the worst economic crisis in 80 years. Conservatives said the government takeover of GM would be a disaster. Instead, GM ending up having record profits. Conservatives are wrong about everything because they have no understanding of even basic economics. What they do “know” about economics is wrong, because they don’t know the difference between conservative ideology and economics. Conservative ideology is garbage. In general, conservatives are not well educated or informed, because most conservative news sources are very dishonest.
    Conservatives are stupid. Conservatives are so stupid, they fight against their own interest. Most conservatives are worse off from conservative policies, but their too stupid to know that. Conservatives vote for politicians that want to lower their wages, make their workplace less safe, make their products less safe, keep them from having access to quality healthcare, and pollute their environment. They are convinced to fight against their own self-interest simply by being told by their leaders that government is always bad. Even as stupid as most conservatives are, I still cannot understand how they can be conservative.

  18. UpToHereWithIt

    Your spew sounded like every liberal recertation of name calling I've heard for the last 30 years.

  19. Friend of the Ninja

    Wayne, I follow you on Facebook and regularly share your stories. I, like you, am a vet who once was a Democrat…until the inanity and hypocrisy got too much. You are doing yeoman’s work, my friend. Keep it up.

  20. Laura0323

    Hi Wayne, I’m a new fan since I heard you mentioned today on Paul Arnold’s pod cast with James Neighbors about the Make Them Listen movement. God bless you for speaking your mind in the name of liberty and protecting our country! You have many like minded people who agree with you.

  21. JillShalha

    I just want to support you in all you’re doing. From a relatively normal female perspective, the men nowadays are deplorable. The one’s I’ve spoken with are so weak minded and luke-warm that they command no respect from society. For women like me this is hugely disappointing and discouraging. I’ve seen behavior in just the last 5 years from men that tells me they are lost without a rudder. Married men approach my sons and put on this act like they genuinely care for them and want to involve them in manly activities (for lack of a better explanation). It takes less than two interactions for them to begin suggesting a closer involvement with me. I can’t go anywhere that married men aren’t looking at me as if I’m naked and use their “marriage” as cover to get closer to my family so they can hopefully gain my “affection”. I’m not some hot chick so this tells me the desire for the “hunt” is driving men crazy. I have yet to speak to a man that has gained my respect and I’m not the high maintenance modern “woman”. To me they are ugly narcissits that have destroyed all possibility of getting any respect from any human. I am sorry for what has happened to our men and women in America. Not one of us should be abused, neglected or controlled unmercifully by the opposite sex. That isn’t love. Our generations have never been taught that love looks like sacrifice. Love looks like giving, not taking. Love is mutual respect through sacrifice. I applaud your work Sir and want you to know you have tons of support from me and many, many others. God bless you.

  22. FreedomXLaw

    Thanks for the great interview at #VVS14 of Freedom X president Bill Becker. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff and we look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

  23. Repug

    You’re an idiot. With all your dumb right-wing friends in the media, why don’t you explain to us all how you’re anything other than a shill for Fox News.

  24. Wild Bill for America

    Wayne News Ninja! 
    It was good meeting you in Orlando….love your stuff.
    I am proud that you are speaking truth and honoring God.
    Let me know anything I can do to boost your effectiveness….I believe in your mission and after meeting you, I believe in you too.
    God Bless,  Bill

  25. allyson

    It’s not hard to appeal to the bigots and small-minded people in this country. All one has to do is bring up the GOD and any heinous act is justifiable or excusable.

  26. UncleWayne'sCabin

    Get a load of this uncle tom! You gonna get yourself a nice white woman like your idol Clarence Thomas? You’d better make some more money first bro! You are one serious piece of shit…

  27. UCanKeepUrPlan

    I thought you liberals were suppose to be so tolerant? Gee did he stray off the DNC plantation and you can’t control his life anymore?

  28. coldything

    if you think that conservative policy’s caused the financial crisis,then you don’t seem to be very bright. Try Community Reinvestment act under Carter ( though they didn’t do much wuth that until Clinton, you know the Commander in Chief that lied under oath and lost his law liscence). //clinton and his treasury secratary reversed Glass Steagle. Then Rubin went to work for Citi. Barney and Dodd threatened the major banks to start increasing their loans to poor credit low income people and increeased the default rates dramatically. Thats your brief on the financial crisis. Ohand the banks etc exploited the situation with their derivatives, then got bailed out under Bush

  29. coldything

    The bailout under /bush was requested by Obama and then he threatened the bankers blaming them, but it was actually govt policy that caused it. And Obama took lots of lots of cash from the bankers and never put them in jail.
    And if you believe increasing our national debt from $5,000,0000,000,000 to $17,000,000,000,000 is good economic policy, you don’t understand economics. As a mat

  30. coldything

    As a matter of fact, if you think the Obama economy is so great, why is the job partition rate at its lowest since the 1970’s ( you know that thing they count when you are actually working )

  31. Dwdennis

    Some of your people need to stay off Twitter if they can’t stop poor mouthing their position with you, Stacey, in front of everyone. FooFoo had on her show a guy @TonyStiles who put down VETS and she said nothing. No way to run a railroad man.

  32. Mo Rosejew

    In 1964, Barry Goldwater accomplished a task that, until then, had been seen as physically impossible — he won five states in the Deep South for the Republican Party, which had been seen for the past hundred years as the party of Abraham Lincoln and the “War of Northern Aggression.” Even more incredibly, those five states were, apart from Goldwater’s home state of Arizona, the only states that he won in what was otherwise a Democratic landslide, turning established political battle lines on their heads. He was able to do this because of his voting record against anti-racism legislation versus the incumbent, Lyndon Johnson, who was in favor of civil rights. The South had, until that point, been a solidly Democratic voting bloc, often called the “Solid South.” Nixon, taking note of this, campaigned on subtle states’ rights themes in 1968 and 1972 in an attempt to keep the Deep South in the Republican column.

    That Southerners could be persuaded to vote Republican in presidential races by the 1960s is attributable to the greater power of race than class by that time. For the first half of the 20th century, white Protestant voters in the South tended to be quite populist on economic issues, forming an important part of the New Deal Coalition and supporting government infrastructure projects like the Tennessee Valley Authority. However, they were rabidly reactionary on race and other social issues, often preventing Franklin D. Roosevelt and the northern liberal wing of the Democratic Party from taking action on lynching and segregation.

    As the South grew in affluence after World War II, class tension began to fade. At the same time, the civil rights movement that began in the 1950s and gained momentum in the ’60s put race into sharper perspective, while other cultural changes in the ’60s (the sexual revolution, the counterculture, the New Left) also drove white religious conservatives in both the North and the South away from the Democrats. The latter in particular placed another once-solidly Democratic voting bloc, the working-class Catholic voters of the northern industrial cities, into play, something that Nixon and future Republicans would also take notice of.

  33. lee newton rhodes

    Is it possible to run a Presidential campaign without a single donor?
    Is it possible to run a campaign on a strictly volunteer and word-of-mouth basis without soliciting a penny?
    I’m giving it the ol’ college run.

    I have decided to run as a Democrat for the office of the President of the United States. Yes, this means I am challenging Hillary Rodham Clinton. I can’t compete with her authority. I can’t even compete with her finances. She has collected so much money from sources, both domestic and foreign. The Clinton Foundation is overflowing with cash. Do you realize how many favors she is going to have to give out? Or did she already fulfill some of her IOU’s as Secretary of State? I’m sure her emails will shed some light on this. What do mean? No emails? Where did they go? I don’t owe anybody anything.

    According to Amy Chozick, “Mrs. Clinton should also enjoy an enormous financial advantage in a campaign that is expected to cost her $2.5 billion, with the help of “super PAC” donations and nearly universal support within the Democratic establishment.” In other words, more of the same. Could not that money be put to better use? I mean by someone other than Hillary.

    So far, I have absolutely no support from the higher ups. Remember what Hillary said, “The deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top and there is something wrong with that . ” Well, let us see if she at the top gives a guy at the bottom a break. Just don’t hold your breath.

    To keep my campaign cost-free, but at the same time getting out my message, I post opinion pieces and comments on a regular basis. W ith the help of online websites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I have free access to the only people who matter (no, not HiIlary, not the donors), the voters. I am hoping to get coverage on radio and television. Newspaper and magazine articles would, of course, be helpful.

    Any suggestions on getting my message out would be appreciated. Please respond and pass along as my campaign is word-of-mouth and all volunteer.

    Lee Newton Rhodes, CPA
    Democratic Candidate for President
    Currently Living in NYC
    FEC # P60006160 & C00574707

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