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Friday , October 21 2016


GOOD! Viral Petitions Demanding Charges Against David Daleiden Be Dropped!

planned parenthood

Immediately after a Texas grand jury decided to indict 2 pro-life activists for their undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts, and were a couple of the groups who started a petition, demanding all of these bogus charges be dropped.’s petition can be signed in the …

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Ben Carson Wants a Conflict with the Supreme Court about this issue and it could energize his campaign! [Video]


Earlier this week Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke with the Catholic television network EWTN and was asked by Princeton professor Matthew Franck if he would back pro-life legislation declaring that human life begins at conception. The fact that this question is being asked to presidential candidates in the year 2016 is …

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You Don’t Say? Hillary Clinton “ducks” 2 Planned Parenthood questions during interview

You Don’t Say? Hillary Clinton “ducks” 2 Planned Parenthood questions during interview

Pathetic. Hillary Clinton defends the practices of Planned Parenthood no matter what they do. Here she refuses to answer whether she has seen the horrific videos exposing what is going on behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood clinics, and she won’t say she is confident they have not violated Federal Law. …

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Phil Robertson slams Pro-Choice in speech that will SHAKE the liberal establishment!

Phil Robertson

Years ago during a sermon, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson spoke about the topic of abortion and his haunting words could not possibly be more truthful today. While speaking to the congregation, Robertson destroyed pro-choice supporters that argue abortion is a personal right by stating that “from the time you started inside your …

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WOW! Chris Christie just took the fight to Hillary Clinton over Planned Parenthood – MUST WATCH!


GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie just went after Democratic Presidential candidate in a huge way over her Planned Parenthood remarks. Many of us know Planned Parenthood covered up their abortion practices and selling baby parts by using the “Providing Women’s Healthcare Issue” tactic and it won the day but that …

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Whoa! Planned Parenthood just threatened political reporters airing damning videos


According to Valley News Wire, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota have cited that the videos released by Center for Medical Progress violate “patient privacy” and demand that videos not be aired. In the letter below, Planned Parenthood argues the CMP has no credible evidence to support allegations of “wrong-doing.” …

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DUPREE: Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards “We’ve broken no laws” – maybe these liberal laws need to be change!


Following the release of two secretly recorded videos that seem to feature the discussion of the price of fetal tissue involving a Planned Parenthood employee, the organization’s president today said it has done nothing illegal and criticized those responsible for the videos. “Planned Parenthood has broken no laws,” Cecile Richards, …

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DUPREE: Planned Parenthood talks about crunchy abortion techniques and Hillary Clinton finds all of this “disturbing?”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

This was supposed to be the Presidential Candidate that could handle the call at 3am. Instead, she disappeared at 3am and abandoned Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, letting him and other Americans die. For the next two weeks she shoved everyone in front of the media cameras except herself. Now, in a …

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