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Wednesday , October 26 2016

Illegal Immigration

ICYMI – Jorge Ramos develops tourette syndrome when destroyed during O’Reilly Interview – BRUTAL!


Illegal immigration support and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos appeared on Wednesday’s ‘O’Reilly Factor‘ to advocate against punishment for illegal immigrants. Think about that for a second, Ramos, who is a television personality in the United States for Univision, publicly defends illegal immigration that should be a crime, why, because they …

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Watch Trey Gowdy hits the boiling point over Obama’s non-response to Kate Steinle’s death by illegal alien


Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) joined Fox News’ “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren to speak on President’s Barack Obama’s non-response to Kate Steinle’s death at the hands of an illegal alien who had been released and deported six times. In the video below you will see just how “Those of …

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Kate Steinle’s father testifies before Congress “her last words were help me dad”


This morning, Jim Steinle, father of murdered American Kate Steinle, sat in front of congressional members in Washington D.C. and called on federal and local lawmakers to stop releasing illegal immigrants with criminal records. The video below of Steinle’s opening statement was chilling and you couldn’t help be touched by his powerful …

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