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Saturday , October 22 2016


BEHNA: Senate Democrats Block Zika Funding Third Time, Still Blame GOP


They did it again. Senate Democrats blocked Zika funding for a third straight time, complaining that the GOP shouldn’t be adding pro-life language within the proposed funding. BREAKING → Senate #Democrats have now blocked #Zika funding for the third time. Unacceptable. — Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) September 6, 2016 Even …

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GOOD! Viral Petitions Demanding Charges Against David Daleiden Be Dropped!

planned parenthood

Immediately after a Texas grand jury decided to indict 2 pro-life activists for their undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts, and were a couple of the groups who started a petition, demanding all of these bogus charges be dropped.’s petition can be signed in the …

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Ben Carson Wants a Conflict with the Supreme Court about this issue and it could energize his campaign! [Video]


Earlier this week Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke with the Catholic television network EWTN and was asked by Princeton professor Matthew Franck if he would back pro-life legislation declaring that human life begins at conception. The fact that this question is being asked to presidential candidates in the year 2016 is …

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Whoopi and Joy try to rattle conservative co-host on Planned Parenthood; No success!

whoopi joy

Liberal talk show The View continued their descent into chaos this week as it was revealed that host Whoopi Goldberg has been throwing temper tantrums backstage about her cohosts. According to Daily Mail, Whoopi has been targeting conservative co-host Paula Faris, who she thinks talks about her Christian beliefs too much. “She …

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Rep Jim Jordan DESTROYS Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards over apology

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.15.35 PM

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was totally destroyed by Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan during today’s congressional hearing into the ghastly videos exposing what they were doing behind closed doors with baby body parts.  Jordan asked her why she apologized after the first undercover video was released, later double downed but couldn’t explain why she apologized. …

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APPLAUSE! House Republicans OK bill to block Planned Parenthood


Republican leaders drove a bill blocking Planned Parenthood’s federal funds through the House on Friday, hoping to contain conservatives’ demands for a politically risky showdown with President Barack Obama by striking a quick blow against abortion. NPR reported in today’s debate on the defunding bill, a co-sponsor, Rep. Gus Bilirakis, …

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BEHNA: DISGUSTING! Planned Parenthood Says Abortion A “Constitutional Right” On #ConstitutionDay

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood and its supporters wasted no time to brag about abortion being a “constitutional right” On Constitution Day. Couple of problems here. 1) In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers included the unalienable rights of LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This can never be overlooked. 2) …

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Whoa! Planned Parenthood just threatened political reporters airing damning videos


According to Valley News Wire, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota have cited that the videos released by Center for Medical Progress violate “patient privacy” and demand that videos not be aired. In the letter below, Planned Parenthood argues the CMP has no credible evidence to support allegations of “wrong-doing.” …

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DUPREE: Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards “We’ve broken no laws” – maybe these liberal laws need to be change!


Following the release of two secretly recorded videos that seem to feature the discussion of the price of fetal tissue involving a Planned Parenthood employee, the organization’s president today said it has done nothing illegal and criticized those responsible for the videos. “Planned Parenthood has broken no laws,” Cecile Richards, …

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Whoa! Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards didn’t want to answer “when does life begin” – VIDEO


I remember watching this almost two years ago and thought to myself, this lady is in charge of Planned Parenthood and she doesn’t want to answer the question “When Does Life Begin.” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, did this interview with Fusion TV’s America with Jorge Ramos. Interestingly, Ramos asked …

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