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Tuesday , October 25 2016


Economic and financial stories.

Paul Ryan not happy about Budget; Cruz is fuming about Boehner’s “golden parachute”

Cruz Ryan

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, favorite to win the new Speaker of the House post, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, presidential candidate are not happy with the latest deal Speaker John Boehner put forward on the budget bill. Paul Ryan blasts Boehner over budget deal | AP photo — …

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POPULAR MESSAGE? GOP frontrunner Trump calls out his side of the tracks! CEO salaries are ‘joke” and “disgrace”


U.S. Republican party presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Sunday high salaries paid to chief executives were a “joke” and a “disgrace” and said these were often approved by company boards stacked with the CEO’s friends. I totally agree as do most of you. It’s the good ole boy network …

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Liberals have slammed Chick-fil-A over their policies; wait until they read what happened here


A Chick-fil-A owner recently had to shut down his Austin, Texas restaurant for five months for renovations, according to the Business Insider. Instead of temporarily laying off his 50 workers, Jeff Glover shocked his staff by continuing to pay them during the entire five months the restaurant would be closed, …

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