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Monday , October 24 2016


NOT THIS! Carson lied and admitted to lying about scholarship at West Point

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Of all the things that you could get caught lying about, one thing is for sure you don’t lie about West Point Military Academy. Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign has been caught in a fairly large lie in the months leading up to the first GOP presidential primary election. According …

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U.S. Marine faces discharge after sending classified report via his own email to save lives in the field; 3 soldiers were killed


A decorated Marine officer who has deployed four times faces being discharged from the Corps he loves because he used his personal email to send a single classified report as an urgent warning when lives were at stake. The stateside message from Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler to Forward Operating …

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Military veteran hero Marcus Luttrell SLAMS Obama’s Sec of Defense cowardly advice – MUST READ!

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‘Lone Survivor’ and Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, has some harsh words for those who suggested that United States Marine recruiters stop wearing their uniforms to work for their own personal safety following an attack recruiting offices in Chattanooga that left four Marines and 1 Sailor dead. What a joke. Instead …

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