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Friday , October 21 2016


Germany people found way to stop refugees from moving in; they set fire to the asylum center!


If Angela Merkel and her cabinet continue to have their way, Germany could welcome in over 1 million refugees by the end of 2015, spending $28 billion and toppling their economy in a potentially irreparable political move. Although their politicians are painfully ignorant, it appears as though the German people …

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Coercion And Cake: Why The LBGT Movement Is Fighting Religious Liberty Laws


On March 8th it was reported that Republicans in Colorado will be proposing legislation to provide additional protections for the exercise of religious liberty. Arizona and Arkansas had measures to provide additional protection for citizens expressing their religious beliefs but the measures did not make it through the legislative process. Now …

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Picking and Chopping Cotton: The New Criteria For Being Democrat According To Bennie Thompson


Mississippi Congressman, Bennie Thompson, recently showed his support for a fellow Democrat running for Mayor in Greenwood, Mississippi. At the annual Beans and Greens Dinner sponsored by the Leflore County Democratic Executive Committee, Thompson spoke about many issues that should gain national attention and outrage. Democrat mayoral candidate, Sheriel Perkins, …

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