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Monday , May 2 2016


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Trump supporter and Trump protester becomes friends while the media ignores; will you?

trump supporters

Mainstream news coverage of the interactions between Donald Trump supporters and protestors showing up to his rallies have been overwhelmingly negative. It’s understandable that most interactions would be less than pleasant because protestors generally come to events like this with an agenda to cause havoc and people attending the rally …

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PATHETIC! Twitter Users Attack Carly Fiorina For Endorsing Ted Cruz #CruzCrew

carly fiorina good image

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate earned a huge endorsement today from Carly Fiorina. While there were a lot of gracious responses, there were also those who attacked her for it. @CarlyFiorina slut.. — Oasis Gallagher (@LoveYouOasis) March 9, 2016 @CarlyFiorina @justttsomeguyyy shut up Carly. You're nauseating. — Jack Dane (@johnd8256) …

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