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Monday , May 30 2016


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BEHNA: DESPICABLE! Twitter Users Send Nasty Tweets To Michelle Fields Moving To Huffington Post

michelle fields

Former Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields said she is returning to the campaign trail, but this time, will be working for Huffington Post. While others sent congratulatory remarks, others weren’t so nice. So excited to share with you all that I've joined @HuffingtonPost — Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) May 22, 2016 …

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BEHNA: Illinois Senate Passes Bill Replacing Term “Illegal Alien” With “Undocumented Immigrant”

illinois senate

A couple weeks ago, the Illinois Senate narrowly passed a bill that would allow public universities to give financial aid to illegal aliens. This time, they passed SB 3021, a bill that bans the term “illegal alien” and replaces is with “undocumented immigrant” when using immigration services in the state. …

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