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Monday , October 24 2016

Big Government/Nanny State

BEHNA: Illinois Senate Passes Bill Replacing Term “Illegal Alien” With “Undocumented Immigrant”

illinois senate

A couple weeks ago, the Illinois Senate narrowly passed a bill that would allow public universities to give financial aid to illegal aliens. This time, they passed SB 3021, a bill that bans the term “illegal alien” and replaces is with “undocumented immigrant” when using immigration services in the state. …

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Paul Ryan not happy about Budget; Cruz is fuming about Boehner’s “golden parachute”

Cruz Ryan

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, favorite to win the new Speaker of the House post, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, presidential candidate are not happy with the latest deal Speaker John Boehner put forward on the budget bill. Paul Ryan blasts Boehner over budget deal | AP photo — …

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Bernie Sanders wants to address American people to define Democratic Socialism! Will you watch?


Set your calendars and program your DVRs, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning a “major speech” on democratic socialism, the political and economic ideology he embraces in his campaign. Sanders told The Associated Press he wants to do it “fairly soon” but hasn’t picked a date. In the Democratic …

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BEHNA: WOW! @PiersMorgan calls Ben Carson “most brainless brain surgeon”

piers morgan good

On Wednesday, the infamous anti-gun activist Piers Morgan wrote an article for Daily Mail Online, calling him the “most brainless brain surgeon in the US.” Ben Carson is the most brainless brain surgeon in America. My new column: — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 7, 2015 In one paragraph, Piers says …

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