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Friday , October 28 2016


Rising Young AZ State Senator, Navajo by birth, leaves Democrats to become Republican!


After all President Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to hurt working middle-class Americans over the last 7 years, I am surprised more young Democrat leaders haven’t switched. On Monday, the Democratic Party lost a young, charismatic up and coming state senator.  Carlyle Begay, an Arizona Democratic State Senator …

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Bernie Sanders wants to address American people to define Democratic Socialism! Will you watch?


Set your calendars and program your DVRs, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning a “major speech” on democratic socialism, the political and economic ideology he embraces in his campaign. Sanders told The Associated Press he wants to do it “fairly soon” but hasn’t picked a date. In the Democratic …

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MAJOR FAIL! Josh Earnest can’t answer James Rosen’s question “Are we winning war against ISIS”

Josh Earnest

Very enlightening. Nice diversion, Josh. The immediate issue isn’t whether ISIS is winning the war, it is whether the White House is altering intelligence reports. This President NEVER talks in terms of the United States “winning” anything! Earnest won’t say whether the U.S. is “winning” the war against ISIS or …

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Bernie Sanders says minimum wage is a disgrace and should be $15.00; but he pays his interns what again?


Don’t watch what I say, just do what I say is what Democrats have pushed for years and Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed socialist who caucuses with Democrats learned a lot from the to carry that to his campaign. Sanders has been speaking about raising the minimum wage basically because corporations have …

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Obama has angered many Americans for his policies but after the Chattanooga murders this took the cake!


I would say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, But, I think these ARE his friends. Five Marines are gunned down by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, TN on Friday but get this, Barack Obama released a statement on Thursday honoring the holiday and offering warm wishes to Muslims in …

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How did this get here? Clintons finds another $26M in donations to foundation; some likely foreign


The Clinton Foundation said Thursday it had discovered $12-26 million worth of previously-undisclosed contributions, including some from foreign entities. The money was received in exchange for speeches by the three Clintons, and was accidentally counted as “revenue” rather than donations. Via the Washington Post: The paid appearances included speeches by …

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