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Caught on Camera – NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets Beating Of A Lifetime (*Language)

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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I guess the Pink Panther Party, Messy Jackson and Alice Sharpton will protest and call on MSNBC to televise the event.

Not everyone is afraid to fight back. This young thug could have walked off but he didn’t. He decided to go after two men who were walking away until they saw him go after them mouthing off.

The first punch thrown was by said young black guy who was send to sleep a little later after.

The violence in this country – (has nothing to do with guns) is escalating and we need to address this anger/hate/hostility as innocents are being hurt. Those with power and have the ear of the media NEED to take action and speak out against this growing anger – which has seemed to increase with Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. and undoing all that previous leaders such as M. King talked about. Really sad.

Drop us your comment below and let us know what you thought of this beatdown. Did the young man deserve it or was it too much?

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  1. Steve Bshaw

    Sorry Wayne, but I don’t think there was a good guy in that fight, just one fat man sitting on and beating another man senseless, and long after he should have stopped. The loser was a punk, the winner was just as much a thug and a POS for continuing the beating long after he should have stopped. I would not mind the chance to let him see what it is like to be on bottom.

  2. BS1986

    I disagree you can only mess with someone so much and then your going to get hurt. The thug threw a punch and picked a fight with an angry White Man-honestly I think Whites are tired of it daily we are told that because of slavery they should just bend over and accept what the black man does to them. The trayvon martin shooting(Which was justified) was put into the mind of every black youth that they “have to get back at Whitey”.

    Funny how that was on the news for over a month but the MURDERS of Sgt Pietrzak and Wife Quiana and the RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom NEVER MADE THE NATIONAL NEWS. Soooo there will be consequences for this liberal war that is being waged on White Men in America.

  3. Jacqueline Forbes

    The sad thing is that you support the very same ignorance that tears down people because of the color of their skin and yet if you end up in the wrong town in the south, they won’t care if you call yourself the surfninja or newsnazi…you will get your head cracked by a good ole boy and locked up with your rights violated like so many other people find themselves victimized in the south. The black guy in the video was an idiot and needed a reality check. The fat white guy went overboard with his beating. Hate crimes HAVE risen since PRESIDENT Obama was elected but not because of anything he did, but because of the outrage that it caused whites that a half black man could be elected President of the United States. With blacks being only 12.7% of the U.S. population, they should direct their anger towards their own race, since it’s obvious that it was the white race that got PRESIDENT Obama elected. He won….TWICE, so get over it. Respect the office and deal with it until whomever else is elected and gets to sit in the chair. For now, use your platform to do something positive instead of tear down your own race. Why not expose the Republicans? They’re the ones who are doing everything they can out of pure spite to ruin this country.

  4. scout mom

    Seriously? Do you live in the south? Who’s the racist?
    You must be deaf and blind if you think the Republicans are the problem. Look at every city and state run by a Democrat, you can’t blame that mess on a Republican!

  5. Eleanor Boening

    I’m going to use the same reasoning you used to explain the rise in hate crimes.Since most of the hate crimes are committed by blacks towards whites… Maybe the blacks are angry that Obama is half white. You voted for him twice… and you will suffer for it… sooner or later.

  6. Jacqueline Forbes

    Where did I say who I voted for? I said he was elected twice. Don’t ASSume. The same reasoning doesn’t work at all, Eleanor. It is highly improbable that blacks are angry over PRESIDENT Obama being half white, because most know that in the eyes of other races, anyone with even one black parent gets labeled as being black, which is why the media constantly touts the President as being the first black President. The only reason people will suffer from President Obama being elected is because of the spiteful and vindictive things that the Republicans and Teabaggers do to thwart his presidency. What other President had to deal with people meeting the day after he was elected to strategize ways to make him fail? What other President had to deal with people constantly trying to come up with reasons to impeach him? Every move he makes is questioned. That wasn’t the case with past Presidents–otherwise Marilyn would have never made it into the White House…Monica would have never made it under the desk…and we would have never gone to search for weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be a way for Bush’s friends to get rich off the oil they stole and the money they made in supplying the things needed for the war and from their companies who had contractors making hundreds of thousands of dollars tax free at the expense of the lives of American soldiers who were fighting a war that has been going on since before the birth of Christ.

  7. Jacqueline Forbes

    What does it matter to you where I live? Sad that you aren’t mature enough to have an intelligent debate without resorting to name calling. Develop some intellect and learn to handle threads in a mature manner scout mom. For someone’s mom, you set a poor example.

  8. scout mom

    I live in the south and I believe that you are the one showing your ignorance by assuming that Mr. Dupree would be treated with anything other than the hospitality he deserves from the white population here. And if you need a good example of how a Democrat controlled chaotic mess looks like, look at Detroit! I also think that when a black man is called names for not supporting the President (because he just so happens to be half the same race) is ridiculous within itself and incredibly immature.

  9. Katie

    That guy had it coming. And Jacqueline, do you live in the south? If not please educate yourself instead of watching these stupid lame ass movies that depict us southern people as racieist back wood hicks. Trust me….. I live in Mississippi. Racism runs on ALL sides unfortunately.

  10. Jacqueline Forbes

    Still throwing shots? SMH! Apparently you are unable to read or need glasses, because I never called Mr. Dupree a name. If you are functioning under the delusion that Mr. Dupree would be received with open arms throughout the south, then you may be in need of new meds. If you want to see a mess, look at the living conditions of the people in Mississippi, where blacks are murdered and the cases are never solved. Look at the young man who was murdered and put inside the gym mat. Look at the unjustices being enacted upon the people who reside in the state of NC. Those changes in the law are directed at blacks and the people are helpless to do anything about it. Not that it’s any of your business, but I DO live in the south and I’ve seen first hand some of the racism demonstrated towards blacks. Perhaps you simply to believe it doesn’t exist but I actually think you know it exists and are in denial or choosing to ignore it. Being white, you can speculate as to how YOU might treat a black person, but you definitely don’t represent the whole of the mentality of the south. Racism is very much alive in America. I heard a judge tell a guy that he was denying his request for a PCJ on a traffic ticket and the judge told the guy “so what, because you think you’ve got a black President that you’re automatically gonna get a PCJ? Well I run this courtroom not Obama so your request is denied.” This was about three days after the first election. I also heard a couple of cops who were in the courtroom laughing over what the judge had said and one said that he was going to start giving tickets as an Obamma (not Obama) tax for every ni**er he stops. I just looked at him and he looked at me as if he was about to say something to me but his friends brushed him off and I left. That’s just a few instances of the warm southern hospitality I’ve seen, so save the pretty imagery for those who don’t know better.

  11. scout mom

    Oh, and one more thing….. That wrong part of town you speak of, it is not populated by “good ole boys” and it ain’t run by Republicans! And you’re right, Mr. Dupree wouldn’t be welcome in that town. Not because of the color of his skin, but because his views differ from that of the majority of the population.

  12. Jacqueline Forbes

    Apparently I must be worth your time if you keep replying. Still being rude and sending blessings at the same time. Typical. May God work a miracle in your life too.

  13. David Parker

    You played the Race Card? Geez. Respect for the office of the President is one thing. To have respect for the person holding that office is an entirely different matter. Respect is not given. It is earned. Nobody mentioned Obama until you did. Nobody made it Democrat vs Republican until you did. You think Obama is as pure as the driven snow? Checkout all he has done which violates The Constitution. He has worked his hardest to divide and downgrade this country. Pardon me for saying Democrat earlier. It should have been Socialist because Obama and the other Liberals are working their hardest to turn this into a socialist nation. They have been successful at dividing the country by race, by sex, by sexual orientation, by religious beliefs. Granted many politicians on both sides of the aisle have made things worse for this nation. But the Liberals seem to have it down to a science. Almost anytime anything happens the Libs see how they can spin it to their advantage. Just like you took this video of a guy from New York picking a fight with someone. You brought Obama, Race and Political parties into this mess. I agree… The Black guy was just looking for a fight which is not ever a good idea. And the White guy went way too far. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or where you are from… Picking a fight is not a good idea. Bless you Fair Damsel and have a nice evening.

  14. Jacqueline Forbes

    Yes I live in the south Katie and i have seen racism firsthand, so paint your picture of a world where racism doesn’t exist somewhere where it doesn’t because I’ve seen the real side of it. What I really think is the problem is that because people are white, that they don’t see what some of their fellow whites do to blacks when no one is watching. Educate YOURSELF and find out WHY there are people who have chosen to fight for the justice of blacks and other minorities in America. Anyone who doesn’t think that blacks are not mistreated in the south is lying to themselves. Racism DOES run on all sides but with blacks being only 12.7% of the population, where do you think a lot of it comes from? I had a man hurling insults at some Mexicans when I was in NC one day and I didn’t say anything although he tried to get me to agree that they breed like roaches. A woman behind me who was Asian said to me that if the Mexicans weren’t here, he would have been saying the same things about me. She was probably right. And as far as educating yourself, you spelled racist wrong. I don’t need to trust you, because I’ve seen it firsthand.

  15. Jacqueline Forbes

    David I don’t see where I played any card. If you read what the writer says, both in the article as well as his caption wherein he describes himself, HE was the first to mention politics and race! Let’s get that straight first of all! He claims to make it his objective to pick apart the Dems and claims that people are against him because of his views. He made it racial in his slants towards people of color. He knows their names…there was no need for him to cast dispersions when naming them. If you’re going to be a journalist, present yourself in a professional way and let your argument in your writing be your way of persuasion rather than throwing jabs at people and relying on people who side with you to support your views. Why is it that this is the only President who has to “earn” respect? No one ever acted that way with any other President. President Obama hasn’t started a war on false pretenses or slept with a movie star along with his brother. He hasn’t received oral favor from an intern or stuck a cigar in the intern as a souvenir. He’s just trying to do what he believes is the best thing the way he sees fit . Republicans have done everything they can to violate womens’ right to things like abortion (which I personally am against) and people’s right to marry who they want (although I don’t believe in homosexuality….I think people have the right to live as they choose to live…abort…date the same sex…whatever….as long as it doesn’t impact me) and wasn’t it Romney who had a whole book of women? Thank you for being so poignant David. I enjoyed our discourse. Have a great week!

  16. Zo

    Nothing to do with race. He was an arrogant Idiot from NY that got what he asked for. See what selling Wolf tickets gets ya. Lol. Well done big man

  17. David Parker

    Are you aware that the writer of the article is a Black man? You asked
    “Why is it that this is the only President who has to “earn” respect?” Every President has to earn respect. Some do it earlier than others. Some earn respect from more people than others. It comes with the job. Just because someone runs for the office of President does not mean they will have the respect of everyone as soon as they announce their intention to run. Obama is “just trying to do what he believes is the best thing the way he sees fit”? He is destroying this country! “Republicans have done everything they can to violate womens’ right(s)”? You need to study history. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a Eugenicist. Eugenicists believe they can improve human genetic stock through controlled breeding and by thwarting those with “undesirable traits” — including lower intelligence, criminality, and a history of promiscuity — from reproducing. Sanger once said “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” (April 1932 Birth Control Review, pg. 108) Sound familiar? Hitler was trying for racial purity by eliminating the Jewish race. Margaret Sanger in her book “Woman, Morality, and Birth Control” (1922) said “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” That is not my idea nor that of a man but they were the words of Margaret Sanger! I could find no political party affiliation for her. “Romney who had a whole book of women?” What the heck is that supposed to mean?

  18. SuperDelicate

    How racially convenient to label an (black) asshole with a loud mouth, “a thug” and the guy who beat him up (justifiably) and then left in a car, as “a trucker.”

  19. Jacqueline Forbes

    So you and your friends aren’t wearing them anymore or are you trading them in for something lighter and brighter?

  20. Ken Parsons

    I live in a city that is 72% black. How does that work out for your theory Jacqueline? Born here and grew up here. The racism in this town if one is looking for it is there. But for the most part people get along.
    I am sick of hearing about how everything is racist AND that racism doesn’t exist. Both sides USE racism for their own self-serving agenda. Morality can NOT be legislated or forced upon people – when the attempt is made on a blanket basis you simply empower the minority to be bigger racists than the majority.
    Liberal mindset… if “they” don’t believe as I do then they must be forced to do so. There is no telling how many white people who were more qualified did NOT get the job or opportunity because of Affirmative Action (another Liberal oxymoron).
    Racism is a social issue, an issue of the heart. You cannot legislate that out nor can you create a balance by it. It must be dealt with as a social issue. Those who are racist and allow their racism in the public should receive an appropriate response – shunned, laughed at… any number of ways to show a racist for who they are – but put a huge Gov. Weapon in the wrong hands and you get Reverse Racism.

  21. Shannon Wimberly

    they both could have ratcheted it down a few notches…. violence leads to more violence… we’re all just trying to make the best of it on this planet, we should lay down our petty shit and get along m-thr f-ckers on both sides….. wars are for losers.

  22. Mitch Braun

    Buddy if that guy cannot be called a thug who can? What does race have to do with it exactly. If it was a white kid calling two black guys n%^#ers and telling them to suck his dick he would be just as much of a thug. Go race bait somewhere else

  23. yiama5

    I am white and my cousin was killed by 3 black men …. explain that one ….he was a hard worker … father …. husband … a d this was 16 yrs ago ….

  24. yiama5

    Blacks are not the minority … Whites are … can we now have people feel sorry for us … sick of this minority … feel sorry for me crap ….People need to move in a positive direction … get education … jobs … and dont ever trust our Govt …

  25. MoxZ

    I know he had it coming but it almost made me cry to see his head swim like that after so many punches to the head. Maybe a few open handed bitch slaps would have shut him up and down all the same…

  26. Singlethoughtprocess

    He picked the fight and seemed like he was waiting for them to turn their backs so he could attack. But he ended up getting his *ss handed to him. So tired of black people thinking they can just run over everyone and not have any consequences of their actions. Oh, and if you stick up for yourself then you’re a racist.

  27. Kalia Anderson

    Yeah, ok, Shannon…
    That sounds good. And, now let’s talk in a real sense with just one real question…
    What are you going to do when somebody attacks you (anybody, If ANYBODY approaches you and attempts to hurt you FOR ANY REASON, regardless of race, sex, age, culture, etc.)?

  28. J Calloway

    Will you marry me? You are slaying these ignorant people on this thread. Intelligence people! Love it!

  29. Ken Parsons

    Wow, you make such a compelling case. I forgot, never attempt to debate of discuss with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and then say they beat you with experience.
    You keep on spewing your reverse racist claims and hopes to support and encourage a backlash against the majority population – the VAST majority of racism here in this town is blacks against white. We still live here in peace for the most part until people start listening to people like you – then we have MORE black against white racism.
    I made many points above and the best you can come up with is two months (does that mean the fight for a reasonable society is over?) and clueless.
    You have shown yourself to be far more clueless than anyone else on this thread. Don’t bother to respond, I’m blocking this post. You keep living in the world of your creation, I will live in mine. You keep your racist attitude disguised as compassion for the minorities and I will keep my hope and faith in humanity, excluding your type… there is no hope for your way of thinking.

  30. Anne Long

    Jacqueline the comment you just made about it being an outrage that a half black man and I do need to correct you here, he s NOT half black, his father born in Kenya, his mother white, her family predominantly white his fathers family is from predominantly Arab countries, both side would have to be from Black countries to make him half, at best he is abt 1/6.. ok so that lesson taught,, this crap your spewing about ohbuttheads color being reason he Is disliked is crap, we dislike him because of his beliefs that man was raised and all his mentors are all damn communists!! He got voted in twice because of blatant voter fraud not to mention low information voters too damn ignorant to understand what he is up to. You my dear and folks who think like you are the damn problem, that black guy here did not want to back down nor shut up the two white guys were walking away, he engaged and threw first punch, so he choose his consequences for his actions. I will agree, racism exists on BOTH side but with ohbutthead it has been ramped up a lot, he continues to feed and fuel the fires so he is most definitely behind a lot of this, not to exclude Sharpton, Jackson and others who all help fuel this. You my dear also are fueling this fire, you are racist.

  31. Bigg Mike

    This fight had nothing to do with racism.. It was just a guy who picked a fight with the wrong person. It happens alot. Everyone who threw race into the mix probably has their own racist issues to deal with,So they talk about how other people who are racist to make themselves feel better..I don’t care if its White, black, spanish, or asian, you say the wrong thing to the right person, you might get you’re ass beat.. You never know what the next man is capable of

  32. Debra Mcdaniel

    If happens on both sides but today its becoming real evident that blaĉks think whites will just take this carp and walk away.Now that many are fighting back its going to get real deep and its not safe for anyone white to be in big cities because now we have to contend with this.I feel unsafe and won’t even go in KC because I know I could be a target to someone black just sad.My grandchildren look white and are black its mostly from blacks they need to worry about.

  33. Racism is a joke

    Not all of us good ole boys are racists maam. Please dont speak less of my people because of the actions of a few who are of the same peoples. Im sorry if you have seen it first hand, and i have suffered the opposite first hand. Shit happens, people are ignorant. But please stop labeling everyone in such a negative way please. That just perpetuates the hate. And i dont give 2 shits if im 2 months late like the other guy up above who commented a day ago. Go fuck yourself on that note maam.

  34. Jacqueline Forbes

    Your response proves one point you made….people ARE ignorant….you being the prime example. Go do that to your momma, but don’t come to me with that garbage. It’s obvious you have no class or manners to even turn an issue of debate into a verbal attack. No one said ALL. Learn to comprehend in addition to read. I never labeled everyone in any way, but you chose to read into whatever I said in the way that your feeble mind interpreted it to suit your needs so that you could justify your use of inappropriate language.

  35. Anyone but Obama

    You can all thank Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Shabazz and Democrats for the divide in races. They have divided whites and blacks like no other in history. They have set race relations back for decades and it can never be fixed. Good job Obozo.

  36. Chris Dotson

    it does not matter if your red, white, brown, black, or green. Every body bleeds red. Can we just all get along. Peace bro. or Sis. One day you might pick a fight with a killer that loves it. Best to let sleeping dogs alone. Forgiveness is divine. If you decide to cross the line, it might be the last line you ever cross.

  37. Christian Lynch

    Bullshit. Nothing but bullshit. Take your stupid ass to Detroit. I’m tired of Fucking idiots like you blaming everything on white people. Pull YOUR fucking Pants Up Speak Clear Concise English And get a Fucking job instead of roving shooting and stealing and doing dope. Fuckyou later.

  38. mitch

    This isn’t racism. It’s a fight plain and simple between two disagreeing parties. It happens sometimes.

  39. Jacqueline Forbes

    I see the parade of idiots has begun….and you’re the grand marshall. Save all of those epithets for your mother. NONE of those negative comments you made applies to me, which shows just how much of a bigoted racist you are, to attribute those characteristics to someone simply because you disagree with something they said. I won’t lower myself to your level.. I am aware that people of your level of ignorance can only resort to profanity and insults rather than offer a mature and logical response in debating an issue.

  40. Jacqueline Forbes

    Do some research on the last Census count and you’ll see that whites are not the minority. I can’t believe you even believe that. SMH!

  41. Jacqueline Forbes

    Explain? Ignorance on the part of those three men who killed your cousin. Racism on their part. Somewhere in their mind perhaps they thought it a form of retribution against whites, which would make them racists as well, so that doesn’t make what they did right. Neither does it make it right all of the blacks who were killed in lynchings that far outweigh the number of whites killed by blacks. There’s no explanation for racism but it needs to end. It will continue to exist as long as there are people who try to say it doesn’t exist when it does. Thank you for debating your point in a positive manner without resorting to profanity or insults like some of the other imbeciles who’ve started responding to this discussion, which took place more than 2 months ago.

  42. Jacqueline Forbes

    I don’t know where you received your degree in human genetics, but it sounds like it came out of the back of a comic book. You are not educating me on anything because your so-called information is completely WRONG! If you want to talk about education, learn how to structure sentences properly so that you don’t have a run-on sentence that makes no sense. It takes one sperm and one female egg to conceive a child. His father was Kenyan (black) and his mother was white, so that makes him 1/2 black and 1/2 white. There was no voter fraud. Sad that you can’t accept defeat and be done with it. I am not a racist by any means and it’s only ignorance that you think people are racists simply because they choose to speak up for the rights of others.

  43. Yoke

    12.7 Percent of the country is black?
    80 percent of prison population are blacks.
    Black on white crime is racist and horrendous. White on black crime is mischief!
    How do those figures make you feel about the poor black folks.
    Do you homework idiot.

  44. Meh

    I’m guessing a lot of you are missing the part where the two “truckers” call the “thug” a N—-r. I feel like there’s a lot more to this story than is given by such a biased title. The people on both sides of this fight have some serious issues they need to work out.

  45. Eric Murphy

    I live in NC. Have my whole 38 years. Racism among southerners is rampant. I have family members that avoid hiring blacks. Whenever anyone says “racism on all sides” is usually making an excuse for their own and are most certainly ignorant to the history or slavery, John Crow and the purely racial murders that plagued the area as late as the 1960’s when black children were being blown up in churches, sprayed with fire hoses and attacked by dogs. All varied out by local government and law enforcement. Show me where racism on the other side was so substantial. You have no institutional example of anti white racism. It’s a red herring to confuse and excuse your own prejudices.

  46. Eric Murphy

    Is it institutional racism including slavery, lynchings, blowing up churches, city administration beating teens, sicking dogs on teens, poll taxes, those committing these atrocities being exonerated by a jury of only their same race? I’d like to hear examples of a CITY led racism and violence towards you. Plus, if you are conservative, isn’t it your fault for being in that situation? Pull yourself up Ken! Are you lazy or something? I think it’s more likely an excuse to blame your own shortcomings on another group.

  47. Eric Murphy

    Have you ever been lynched due your race? Made to sit in the back of a bus? Been sentenced to a longer incarceration for committing the same crime as another? Had your church blown up? Had the National Guard escort you to school? Ran from city fire hoses and police dogs? Not allowed to play sport or eat in a restaurant? Not allowed to date another race?

    Yes, tell me more about this awful racism you’ve experienced!

  48. Eric Murphy

    I am white and my father was killed by a white man. Explain that one. He was a hard worker…father…husband…18 years ago.

    See how silly your logic is?

  49. Eric Murphy

    Yiama is using that event to excuse her racism. I decided not to hate all white people when a white man killed my white father.

  50. Eric Murphy

    All of those uses of capital letters at the beginning of certain words is not setting a good example for English language. How do you know Ms. Forbes shoots, steals and does drugs? That’s rhetorical. We know the answer.

  51. Eric Murphy

    You are obviously completely ignorant of true stats. Your using poor arithmetic to justify your hate.

  52. Eric Murphy

    Black people in general? Like the black guy that posted this? I just saw Ben Carson hold up a liquor store. Neil Degrasse Tyson just smoked crack. General Colin Powell just raped a white lady. Your name is correct as you are obviously only able to process single thought.

  53. Jacqueline Forbes

    Your sheet is showing, Yoke. Do a bit of research as to WHY so many black males are incarcerated for the same crimes that whites get a slap on the wrist for. The private prison industry is booming and they need people in it, to keep the money flowing. Your ignorance of the reality of what’s going on shows who the true idiot is. Sad that you can’t formulate a better argument than resorting to name calling to make you feel better about yourself, but the reality of it all is that deep down, you know what a pathetic and miserable POS you are and you also realize that the world would be a better place if your momma had swallowed instead.

  54. Ken Parsons

    Let’s see… if we are going to go back in history… my ancestors were put into slavery on the British Isles. Many were murdered just for being Irish and if not murdered, died of starvation because the signs out front said “Irish need not apply”.
    Sheesh Eric, grow up. This is the 21st Century.
    You are living a better life today because of real heroes who stood up to ACTUAL racism (as opposed to histrionic racism of today) AND people like me and my father who fought racism.
    What have YOU done to make life better for WHITE people? Or ANY people or person? You whine like a baby about 60 plus year old atrocities as if YOU suffered them.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  55. Eric Murphy

    Your hyperbole is laughable! Your people were systematically treated as inferiors in employment, education, legal system, lynched in the 1960’s!? What racism did you stand up to!? Some of those people are still alive. Are you on the record that my 1960’s examples are not “ACTUAL” racism? You grow up. Your accusations of me whining are immature at best. Your self pat on the back for your hero work with your father is most certainly suspect.

  56. Eric Murphy

    11 people liked that ingenious response! What a group of people here. Such entertainment!

  57. Ken Parsons

    Idiots… To what situation are you referring? That I am living in a town that is 72% black? Is that what I need to “pull myself up from?”
    You are indeed an idiot. I’ve run my own business since 1991. I’m doing just fine. How about you sir?
    Since you are a Liberal democrat are you using your skin color as an excuse blame others for YOUR own shortcomings?

  58. Eric Murphy

    I’m Caucasian and I’m not a Democrat. Do you always stereotype and generalize? I don’t usually argue with “idiots” like yourself who believe the President is gay and from Kenya. Yeah, I know you!

  59. Ken Parsons

    Nice… fall back to the “if you can’t win by misrepresentation and lies, fall back to ridicule. And you know… I’m hiding nothing. You are most welcome to ask any of my friends of my history. It is no secret. I have been consistent throughout my life, thankfully having a father that led me at a very early age. That’s not a pat on the back. It is just pointing out that there are more than one type of person with light colored skin… I think belief to the contrary is racist, isn’t it?

  60. mark5610

    His alligator mouth out ran his humming bird azz..  I don’t condone the fighting but the thug did throw the first punch.

  61. tasgardson

    The man could have been killed by the particularly vicious blows to the back of his head, where the skull articulates with the cervical spine.

    This fistic punishment is a specialty of the professional ass-kicker.

  62. MichaelWayneScoggins

    I think that it is really messed up that this stuff happens. Something like this happened to me in boot camp back in the early eighties. Some of the blacked guys crewed up on me because I liked this Hawaiian girl that one of them liked. Really blew their mind when a fellow named Ratcliffe, another black guy in the company, let them know that he had my back. LOL The flip side of that was that some of the white guys didn’t like me because Ratcliffe and I were friends and he was dating a white girl. Doomed if you do doomed if you don’t huh?

  63. Really?

    Lmfao! You SHOW ME one black person who is ALIVE today who has been ” Have you ever been lynched due your race? Made to sit in the back of a bus? Been sentenced to a longer incarceration for committing the same crime as another? Had your church blown up? Had the National Guard escort you to school? Ran from city fire hoses and police dogs? Not allowed to play sport or eat in a restaurant? Not allowed to date another race? ” and I’ll gladly concid and say your right, but please SHOW ME one black person who is ALIVE today..u

  64. Really

    Ah! Well now that you bring all this up.. Let me ask you what college is there for whites to go, to get a full ride free college education? Oh yea, there isn’t one. Why is there affirmative action? Oh, so that way black people are afford the same opportunities in the work place, school etc., but wait what happens even thought give more opportunities to succeeded then white people black still can not preform, and they sue to say a test is racists because the white people can pass it but the black people can’t. So they get the test thrown and get promoted based on race, simply bc they say it’s racists. So will you please explain how it’s fair the white people suffer bc the black people can’t pass a test? Btw if your wondering where I’m getting this good look up about firefighters, the case went to the supreme court, so please I’d love to hear this explanation… Because like your comment, any black person alive has no part to do with slavery.

  65. Jeremy Blackwell

    I don’t know what video y’all watched to get into the racist argument, but it looked to me that the idiot from New York has never heard the rule “It doesn’t matter how big and bad you are, there’s always gonna be someone who is bigger and badder.” Looks like he ran his mouth and threw a punch at the wrong guy. He payed for it. Case closed.

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