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Choreographed??? Photos of Libyans with American Made Signs Expressing Apology

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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There is something about this just doesn’t seem right to me and it never does in a case like this. Obama spoke of these signs during this impromptu ceremony that was leaked to the media and showcased today at around 2:30pm EST. These signs this event by the president seems choreographed!!!

This guy isn’t handing out papers is he??

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  1. OKSpeedy

    I marveled at the English language signs, too, and figured them to be photoshopped BS, or that the people holding the signs had NO idea what the signs said. Eff them all. Drop a nuke and be done with it so the rest of us can live in relative peace.

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