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Chris Wallace Skewers Obama Senior Adviser On White House Involvement In Intel Leaks | Mediaite

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David Plouffe, adviser to President Obama, pervaded Sunday morning news shows this week, and among them was an interview with Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace. In a show focused largely on the recent leaks of classified intelligence, Wallace grilled Plouffe on how this information was leaked and how much the president is willing to participate in the investigation.

He told Wallace the person “who wrote the book in question” said no one in the White House provided the information, to which Wallace countered, saying the author never claimed that. “He in fact said he did talk to people,” Wallace said.

There is going to be a thorough investigation, Plouffe said — but Wallace reverted back to the question Plouffe never answered: did the president or top officials declassify any of the information? Again, as Plouffe pivoted, Wallace said it’s simply a yes or no question. “No, of course he didn’t,” Plouffe replied. Previously, Obama had said the notion that his White House leaked the information is “offensive.” Along the same vein, Plouffe called it “highly objectionable.”

via Chris Wallace Skewers Obama Senior Adviser On White House Involvement In Intel Leaks | Mediaite.

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  1. Jack Deth

    Advice to Mr. Plouffe:

    When you neck deep in a hole of your own digging.


    Or not. It's fun to watch this nimrod twist in the wind.

    Funny, Plouffe doesn't mention the the OTHER prosecutor is a heavy duty Obama bundler.

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