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WOW! Ted Cruz & Rand Paul afraid of the GOP establishment?

Alyssa Lafage
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Alyssa Lafage

Alyssa Lafage (formerly Krumm) is a young conservative from New Jersey with a fiery passion for individual liberty and traditional American values. She is the creator and editor of as well as contributor to and the Wayne Dupree Show alongside #TeamNinja. You can also find her writings on, and
Alyssa Lafage
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Hannity with Rand Paul and Ted CruzLast night Rand Paul and Ted Cruz appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss their reactions to president Obama’s State of the Union address. Most of the conversation was what you would expect to hear from these men. But at the very end of the conversation, Sean asked them whether or not they would throw their support behind conservatives in GOP primary races. Their responses really don’t sit well with me.

Hannity: Last question, will both of you campaign even against sitting Senators if you think the better candidate is running. Paul: I’m going to stay out of races with incumbents Cruz: And I likely will do the same.

Really, gentlemen? It’s not like you to stand on the sidelines and be silent. It doesn’t take a very long walk down memory lane to be reminded that both Cruz and Paul were stalwartly supported by the grass roots Tea Party movement and without that support, neither of them would hold their current seats. Are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul afraid of the GOP establishment? That seems like the only plausible explanation, especially given their own experiences battling incumbents in their home states. But why? Who, exactly, are they afraid of? Could it be Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? You know, the McConnell who is now facing a primary challenge by tea party-backed Matt Bevin. The same McConnell who supported both Trey Grayson from Kentucky when Rand Paul was running, and David Dewhurst who was running against Ted Cruz in Texas.


Matt Bevin (Left), Mitch McConnell (Right)

It would seem that Cruz and Paul should want to stand with strong conservatives like Matt Bevin and others who are trying to unseat people like McConnell. If not only for the sake of conservatism, but because they know what it’s like to fight the establishment.

Their ‘hands off’ response just doesn’t seem right. It’s not like them. Am I missing something?

Watch the entire segment below (the relevant portion begins at 15:48)

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  1. elsworthroy

    I heard that to then I got thinking  they could be staying out of it financially or they could be preceveing to stay out of it.  who knows maybe  sarah palin rand paul and Ted Cruz have a plan of action.  we'll see though I just find  that ted cruz and Rand Paul are way to smart. and they may be doing something else and not letting on.

  2. UprightReformer

    It's smart to stay out of the incumbent races – we're all trying to vote out the incumbents!  (Or at least we should be.)

  3. Alyssa Krumm

    UprightReformer  I really feel like it's strange given the fact that they themselves both ousted incumbents. Plus, they both know how imperative it is that we take the Senate.

  4. elsworthroy

    thing is though Alyssa you think there there going to show there hand  on tv to sean Hannity we don't know thy might have plans  to help out gop  teapartiers  still.

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