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Dr Ben Carson – It would be “Un-American” not to consider running if country wants me

Wayne Dupree
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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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Here is video of Dr. Ben Carson talking with One America News Network’s David Brody about the possibility he will run for President in 2016.

I would be a horrible politician, because I don’t believe in political correctness and there’s no way I am getting in bed with a bunch of special interest groups, it’s just not going to happen.

Carson has not ruled out a run, although he says he really has “no desire” to do it. If some other candidate gets a lot of traction and has the right philosophy, Carson said he will be happy to get behind that person. But if that does not happen, it would be “un-American” not to consider running if the country needs him.

I continue to think there’s a real chance Carson will run, but an even greater chance he will be on the short-list for Vice-President for a lot of candidates.

h/t One America News Network

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