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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, The Country Has Failed You and Your Dream and for that I am Sorry!

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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Dr King believed that you should be judged by the CONTENT OF YOUR CHARACTER and not the COLOR OF YOUR SKIN.


The Democratic black community today has chose to vote for Barack Obama based on the color of his skin. The black community today has chosen to turn their back on high unemployment in their neighborhoods. The black community today has chosen to look to failed black leaders who know nothing about the DREAM that Martin Luther King Jr had …… but only their flawed vision given to them by the dependency social programs white liberal leaders allow them to have.

The Country has failed you!

Dr King was a man that wanted America to live in harmony and peace. For black and whites to get along and their character define them. Our current president has enjoyed four years of being coddled and protected to where he has not been checked nor does he feel that he has done anything wrong with the “Yes” men he has surrounded himself with.

The Country has failed you!

Both Parties, no actually all parties and every American have failed to grasp your dream and secure it for the future generations. I was born eight months after you were gunned down by one of our “sick” brothers but I can truly say that I miss you. I miss your speeches and your keen insight. It pains me to write this but I felt I had to say it because the Democratic black community has not picked up where you left off. They have been waiting for the next “you” and by running to the party that battled you and hated us, they have no power now.

Then you have the ones that sit by and watch it happen and will not voice this transgression due to fear and retaliation from the oppressors. I wish you had not been killed. I miss you sir! Maybe if you were still here, just for a day, you could gather enough strength to walk up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial once again and speak to the nation and help straighten out this course of destruction it seems hell bent on achieving.

Dr. King, I apologize that the Country has failed you!


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  1. wyane

    Amazing that little is said about white americans who are voting for romney because he's white. Don't make it seem like that is the only reason blacks are voting for our President. Romneys a liar yet whites will still vote for him over a black President. Don't denigrate blacks we are intelligent, informed voters. Obama 2012

  2. Tina Boyd Newman

    Its sad that American Blacks had come so far with this Honorable Man and have slid right back under the Control of those who would decimate their Race. MLKjr would turn his Back on so many Americans today not just American Blacks but those of other Races who have taken the easy road to no where. Blame is for the Weak to use when under pressure of taking Responsability for ones own Actions. Character is

  3. vera

    I agree some are voting for that reason. Don't forget the millions of whites that voted for Obama because he was black too. I hate that race has to play a role in anything. I also hate that the Black American is falling behind the other races that aren't white. The government in this race is reaching out to Latino's more than they are Black. Many won't care because they are receiving the "Free Stuff." Reminds me of keeping a baby occupied while you are doing something else. The tide is turning. Affirmative Action was to help with having fair and race balanced colleges. Look at those numbers in some less than 15% are black. All I am saying here, is the practices that took care of yesterday don't work in today.

  4. Kimberly O'Neal

    I'm so sick of hearing "because he's black", people he is NOT black so drop the crap we are all sick of it!!!! Do you forget his mother was "white" and like his "black" father she abandonded him and his" white" grandparents raised him?
    Do you also forget his biggest influences in life were muslims, marxists and other thugs bent on the destruction of America… pick up a book and read it or if reading isn't your style watch Obama 2016, it's nothing but backed up facts from both and see if you can vote on knowledge and policies and stop playing the race card…. it really doesn't fly here.
    I agree with the article, I miss MLK and he is probly rolling over in his grave not just because of blacks voting on race, but also whites too, this is so far from his vision!!!

  5. Kimberly O'Neal

    I totaly agree, plus he was born before his time you might say…. now he would make a great president today because he truely cared for everyone to have fair chances and he would not be like BHO trying to divide the races and ruin this country

  6. wyane

    So if he's not black what is he? Also did his white grandparents that raised him teach him to be a Muslim or was it his Dad whom you say abandoned him.
    Apparently you don't pick up books but rely on another persons documentary to form your opinions.
    Since you are speaking about Islam do a comparison study on Islam and Mormonism and then get back to me on the deception of America. Further more your statement about picking up a book was offensive. Also the destruction of America began decades before Obama decided to run for office (Roe vs Wade, removal of prayer from schools) we have had 28 years of republicans in the White House since roe vs. wade and none of them have done anything but they all say they are anti abortion. If you want to look for the answer to the destruction of America look no further than the lobbyist and corporations don't blame solely Obama. In conclusion the old adage in America still holds true today about one drop of Black blood makes one Black.

  7. wyane

    since you believe you have peeled back the layers and revealed who the President is, Do the same thing for Romney and look at the Mormons and there doctrine concerning the curse of cain and ask yourself why he never spoke out against it,and also take a look at what they believe and teach about women. don't forget or perhaps you didn't know that he took a vow to put his religion above everything this includes the responsibilities of the Office of the President. Your apparent dislike for the President has taken you to a place where the other person gets a pass. Romney was a Pastor in this religion (how can you teach it if you don't believe it), and a missionary. A religion that changed its practice of discrimination against blacks only because President Carter threatened to take away there 501c3 status. you tell me that this man who grew up as a racist and taught it as a pastor is not a representative of racial division, but try to tell me the guy who's parents are of different races is the culprit. I disagree based on fact. He's a liar and tells more lies to cover the first lies only to be given a pass. If he's lying to get into office he is going to lie if he gets in and it want be pretty.

  8. Tina Boyd Newman

    so your saying the Islam is not BHO doctrine? LOL folks like you make me laugh must be a Ron Paul surrogate or maybe even a BHO koolaide drinken voter for skin color instead of Character. sorry no sell here man read about islam and know women are treated worse then dogs and girls get no say! In my nation women are special the mothers of our future. I know I will be watching MR when he gets Office, and I know the Haters and Racists from the Left will be right on his Back no matter what he does. I am for America our Constitution and my Freedom ! Not controlled or owned! Yes and don't talk about BHO different races being a cause for anything, he only Claims his 1/2 Black self and hides from his White side. So you have nothing to say about that.

  9. Kelly Whaley

    Just to clarify. Obama learned about Islam from his mother and step father, not his bio father, who did, in fact, abandon him. He learned about Communism from his white grandparents when his mother abandoned him by sending him to Hawaii. You might not like the terminology I used, but those are the facts.

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