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EBONY Magazine Staffer Jamilah Lemieux racially attacks RNC Raffi Williams – “Here Comes A White Dude” via Twitter

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor for Black Magazine EBONY became the latest liberal attacker on black republicans through the social medium Twitter by calling RNC Raffi Williams a “White Dude” and talking down to him as if were beneath her. I didn’t know that EBONY management tolerated this racist tone from their management team. As you will see in the exchange below, Lemieux throws out the racist language to shut down the conversation. Contact Ebony offices and let them know you would expect more from their management staff. (212) 397-4500

Raffi Williams with Father Juan Williams

Raffi Williams with Father Juan Williams

Williams is the Deputy Press Secretary for the Republican National Committee and takes his job seriously. His father is Juan Williams, former NPR and now FOX Contributor. Here is the twitter exchange below:


Don’t stand for this! Raffi Williams is not only an American, he’s a respectful young man who cares about this nation and is driven to inform those that only see one side of the coin. Linda Johnson Rice is the CEO of Johnson Publishing Company.


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Here is EBONY’s contact numbers. Make sure they hear from you today!!

Ebony Magazine
1270 Avenue of the Americ
New York, NY 10020
(212) 397-4500

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  1. Ric Hornsby

    No one as blacks cannot make racist comments. At least that’s what they tell us. Of course since I am white my noticing this makes me a racist.

  2. Ssgt_Flyer

    Very sad even though his dad is a liberal i enjoying hearing his debates I am shocked that his own party would try to destroy his own son. Very sad!!!

  3. JJ

    The real mark of bigotry is not how one treats those they patronize or with whom they agree, but in how they treat those who dare to challenge them. Once again, the left show their true colors. Even while blacks are attacking other blacks for being conservative, it is the political left’s bigoted culture that they espouse. There is nothing inherently racist in one’s view of the proper role and size of government and yet the left continually rely on the ignorance of their victims to convince them that there is. Racism is a sad part of human nature that has always impacted both sides of the political spectrum (big and small government proponents) and the side in denial of its guilt is the side most likely to continue in its guilt. It’s time for the left to face up to its own faults and stop pointing fingers elsewhere in denial. The right doesn’t get a free pass and neither should the left.

  4. jack_foobar

    What’s more shocking is that Juan Williams kid is a conservative. I guess the pendulum swings each generation.

  5. davidr2007

    So what Jamilah was really saying was that Raffi is not black enough or not a real black person because he believes differently than her. In my opinion that sums up liberal tolerance in a nut shell.

  6. PissedOffSmoker

    I’ll be the first person to admit that when I see a black person, the first thing that comes to mind is better keep an eye or two on them. However, it’s because, in my dealings with them, I’ve more often than not experienced the Jamilah version instead of the Raffi or Mr. Dupree version. I’ve said for years that for there to be any change in the stereotype of the Negro community (differentiated from the African American community and the African community), THEY must separate themselves from the thugs and uneducated and help the average person see that there are some educated and well-spoken Negroes who want what MLK wanted. To change the perception of the group, you must be willing to work twice as hard and be twice as good and, even then, sometimes be seen as lacking. Just keep pushing on and on until you win the majority over.

    This article is extremely well written and it makes me happy to see that there is a, seemingly, very well organized group within the black community who is still working to constantly change the perception of said community. Every time an uneducated racist like Jamilah opens her mouth, it portrays the entire black community poorly. Hopefully the company shuts her up for good soon.

  7. PissedOffSmoker

    C’mon guy, if you take a look at my previous posts, you’ll see I’m the MOST critical of the Negro community. However, when there are some members who are willing to show backbone and take responsibility for the inherent flaws that have developed since the death of MLK, I think it’s important that people support these members. This is the prime reason the KKK and other groups can’t gain any traction. They don’t differentiate between the black kid who’s going to school and getting called an Uncle Tom everyday and the welfare mama who has seven kids by four different fathers. Obviously one makes for a more news friendly kill that the average person would say, at least I don’t have to pay for her lifestyle anymore.

  8. alexthought

    This is so disgusting on so many levels. Jamilah is not only an insipid idiot she is so blatantly racist. She is so blind to her own hypocrisy and my educated guess is she will never realize it.
    What an ugly, horrible person.

  9. Randy C. Lindsey

    Aunt Jamilah? I know her. I use her syrup on my pancakes all the time. But when it comes to politics, I care “nothing” about what she has to say.

  10. Nate Higgers

    Jamilah whats-her-name sure has a lot of self hatred..I’m guessing she was born & raised with it..She sure has an ugly personality.

  11. BobbyD

    This is typical black elitism and control. Got to keep those sistas and brothas down on the plantations. If blacks broke away from the inner city plantations and rejected this liberal nonsense, who would the black elites control???

  12. Vueiy

    This comment made me sigh deeply…because you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’m Black myself. No criminal record, not even a speeding ticket, always made good grades in school, I try to be polite to everyone even if they don’t return the favor, don’t have a bunch of baby’s-daddies (only the one I’m married to), Christian, conservative, republican, pro-life, and I love rock music (lol). I’m basically the antithesis of the Black stereotype, and was sometimes referred to as “White” or “not Black” (didn’t really care one way or the other, though, since my identity’s not tied up in my ethnicity).

    I feel like I have to be twice as “good” as any other person to make up for every other thug, punk, or lowlife who goes out there and reinforces the stereotypes of Blacks being “no-good” (even though I’d venture a guess that most Blacks don’t actually fit that stereotype). I don’t do these things BECAUSE of this, but I kind of feel that pressure, especially when a White person says to me, “You’re different from most of the other Black people I know” (and, yes, I knew they said it with no malice intended, but still…).

    What I’d really like to see is more Blacks step up and take responsibility for their own actions instead of playing into the victim mentality that is perpetuated in many of our communities. Got pregnant outside of marriage? Get married and take care of the baby together. Dropped out of high school? Get a GED and further your education for a decent job. Addicted to drugs/alcohol? Get clean and make something of yourself, and so on and so forth.

    Sadly, people like Ms. Lemieux (and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.) who are often respected in Black communities perpetuate this victim mentality for their own profit, denouncing any free thought that people like Raffi Williams might bring in favor of keeping their ignorant voter base under their thumbs. After all, it’s easier to control ignorant, dependent people than educated, independent ones.

  13. Marie Evans

    Pissed off I think you are part of the problem because you EXPECT for an ordinary black person to compensate the actions others in their race. I am NOT a Borg, it is not my responsibility to make sure I out perform Whites, Asians, Europeans or Africans in order to make up for another person crimes. I’m an American citizen just like you therefore, if you don’t believe you need to suffer for the sins of others a century ago neither do I.
    If white men stop being pansies and stand in their strength instead of giving in to yelling, pissed off women, white and black then maybe America wouldn’t have degenerated to the level it has. I’m not taking the blame for anybody else behavior not even my children once they become an adult. I can only died for one person therefore, I can only live for one person.

  14. Urbane Neanderthal

    Considering a black person is over 1,100% (not a typo) more likely to murder a white person than the reverse, it’s reasonable to be concerned.

  15. E. Jamal

    Is it illegal to not care to hear someone’s opinion on your personal timeline? I believe this has been blown up in such an absurd manner that it really hurt black conservatives more than it helped. You all sat idly by as she was attacked in many ways, called aunt jemima, several other epithets, and even went as far as to request an apology from her job. She immediately apologized to Raffi and this should have been dropped before anyone even got wind of it, but like the rabid pitbulls that social media can sometimes be, you all took hold and wouldn’t let go. I also think that it’s important to acknowledge the “throw a stone and hide your hand” tactic taken by BETpolitichick….but sure it’s easier to simply call jamilah racist for not being interested in being told “how” to be black…..hope you guys are proud

  16. PissedOffSmoker

    I don’t expect them to compensate, but to understand that their actions have deeper consequences that go above and beyond their own personal desires. Obviously someone like you would never understand, someone who clearly would rather leach off the government teat as opposed to showing the doubters WHY minorities are valuable to the US. It’s when you aren’t willing to justify your existence everyday that your life turns into a constant stagnation, with the consequences being entropy and then death. Have fun at your, probably affirmative action, job at the bore-a-toreum.

  17. Marie Evans

    You’re talking nonsense and calling everyone names will not make your argument better. No one owe anyone their life

  18. Urbane Neanderthal

    Nope, the statistic was not delivered from anyone’s rectum.

    The FACT that blax are OVER 1,100% more likely to murder a White person than the other way around comes from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

    You can look it up yourself (assuming you are capable) the FBI publishes all the data on their website.

  19. Ph

    You’re about as black as I am which is, not.

    Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton gave it away. Either you’re not black or you haven’t actually hung out with black folk in like…decades.

    Seriously, stop talking shit.

  20. Guest

    Correct, most homicide offenders are the same race as their victims.

    But that does not contradict the fact that a black is OVER 1,100% more likely to murder a White, than a White is to kill a black.

    The problem with your logic is failing to account for the fact that blax are around 1,000% more likely to commit homicide in general than Whites.

  21. Urbane Neanderthal

    Correct, most homicide offenders are the same race as their victims.

    But that does not contradict the fact that a black is OVER 1,100% more likely to murder a White, than a White is to kill a black.

    The problem with your logic is failing to account for the fact that blax are around 1,000% more likely to commit homicide in general than Whites.

  22. Doug Davis

    Look past color for a moment and remember that for the left this whole Great Society game is and has been divide and conquer.

    80$% of Americans killed by gun shot in the past year were killed in liberal Democrat completely controlled Great Society districts.

    In this divide and conquer for complete control by the left, all of us, all Americans are the victims.

    People like Dr Ben Carson and this young man here are great individuals who should not be judged by the skin color they were born with, but by their actions and words, what they have defined themselves as. It is not what we’re born with but what we do with our lives, ideology is that deciding factor, intentions and beliefs solely.

    This is what true Republican Conservatism has been all about, history does not lie, but we have lost our way a bit. With what the left has done over the past 50 years, those changes on the right are insignificant, an objective look leaves no doubt.

  23. Urbane Neanderthal

    You may be correct that 80% of gun homicides were committed in democrat controlled areas. But if you compare democrat controlled towns with virtually zero African Americans and those areas with large Africanized population you will see that the areas with near ZERO sub Saharans have murder rates one tenth or one twentieth of those with large African American populations.

    The problem is not democrat policies (although they don’t help) the problem is genetic and specifically sub Saharan African genetics that cause the disparity of violent behavior.

    Main stream science has even identified the gene responsible, MAO-A 2R allele which is 500% more likely to occur in blacks than it is in Whites.

    Look past race at your own peril.
    Over 50% of homicides in this nation are committed by blax and mostly black males.

    Black males are around 6% of the population. SO you can overlook 6% of the population is responsible for half the murders if you want, and I will continue to inform the ignorant that blacks are (as any open minded person could tell by observation without the scientific verification) far more prone to violence than Whites.

  24. Plantsmantx

    Now, a white conservative would never think to tell a white liberal that they should “encourage diversity of thought”. The converse is also true. Can you imagine what a white conservative would say to any liberal who told them, in so many words, that they should’t oppose liberalism? I mean, isn’t that what Raffi Williams was actually saying to Jamilah Lemieux? But for some reason, there’s this idea that people, and especially black people, shouldn’t criticize black conservatives? Why not? They and their white compatriots hold them out to be the strongest people in the black community, yet they can’t handle criticism?

  25. PissedOffSmoker

    Typical Negro arrogance. Any one who is critical of Negroes is automatically racist and not worth listening to. Go ahead and think about me whatever you will, but there are enough intelligent people on the internet who will read my comments and read your comments and see things my way.

  26. firstladyfinger

    I’m proud to oppose any Liberal now matter what shape,sex, color, religion or degree of insanity.

  27. Plantsmantx

    Just as she cared nothing for what that paid black mouthpiece of the neo-Confederate Republican party had to say.

  28. Ferrante Eric Fotografie

    When Ebony was created 99% of American magazine were Ivory. They just didn’t call them that. The magazine was created because mainstream magazines did not for the most part present positive stories concerning Blacks. Simple. Peace

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