Former Marine Joshua Boston Owned Piers Morgan: American people are not Gun Happy

Former Marine Joshua Boston Owned Piers Morgan: American people are not Gun Happy

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Boston believes that more guns, not more gun legislation, are the answer and Morgan pressed him on his logic, asking, “Where does that lead America, other than utter, Wild West hell?”


According to Boston, it won’t lead there because Americans are “smarter” than that and would know when to “hold their fire.” Boston said he wrote the letter because he was worried that under Feinstein’s proposal, his family would be “disarmed” after his death and wouldn’t be able to inherit his weapons. Throughout the interview, he explained that he believed that teachers should be armed, as well as average citizens, in order to protect themselves. Boston doesn’t think handguns or pistols are enough, however, and maintained that AR-15 rifles should not be banned.

Hey Piers! Do some actually research and you’ll find out that the “Wild West” you speak of is a fictional construct of Hollywood and popular culture. The reality of the old west is that it was relatively peaceful with the occasional incident made larger than life by inaccurate media reporting, media sensationalism to generate revenue, and the usual lack of media perspective on the fact that such incidents were quite rare. In short, the not-so-wild west was a lot like the country is today and the media was just as irresponsible as you are in the way they portrayed it.




  • Tina Boyd Newman

    Hopefully PMs never has need of any Protection like the Mother in Ga! I wouldn't waste my bullets to protect anyone who wants to take my Right to Arm myself for Protection!

  • Bob Jones

    Nice pink tie fag! You will be the first to be incinerated when the powers that be start their little thinning of the population. I'll be protecting women and children. You little sissies can fend for yourselves. Good Luck!