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GROUNDBREAKING!!!: We Will Not Be Silenced – What you Missed During the 2008 Election

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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This documentary was created by Gigi Gaston from I viewed this documentary and my eyes were open to a brand new reason why the Democrats who they are and why they are so against Voter ID and for Voter Fraud. No you want hear them speak that they are 100% behind fraud but when you watch this documentary, you will be amazed at how regular Americans (Democrats) were treated in the last election that secured Barack Obama his nomination from that party.


This is the trailer to the video which I have uploaded below so that you can view the entire thing. Please leave a comment about what you think after you have finished.

Here is the Entire Documentary for your viewing



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  1. joann

    Very scary. It is time to assist each other. If someone is preventing you from getting into voting area leave and come back with a friend or neighbor and a camera and cell phone.

  2. Tina Boyd Newman

    I am saddened by this outright abuse of Obama and his People or handlers to get him in Office. I wish that MSM would show this and get the word out from those who saw and where treated badly when confronted with no Choice. Threats made to sway are not good when our People are afraid to Vote for who they chose not who someone else tells them to chose. I have never been scared about my own People and I have never voted for someone just because they where my own Race. I am sorry that this has happened to American Blacks. If we do not see it for what it is then we are lost as a Society and Country Pray that we will take back our Country from those who seek to destroy us. Tks

  3. Suzanne Brodbeck

    Wayne, there is no way that the media has not seen these and yet there is nothing on the news. Where is Sean,etc. on this? What did Obama have on Hillary, she had to know this was happening? Saw some of this on your site before. He will steal the 2012 election if there are not strong poll watchers at every polling place and they must be trained and willing to FIGHT.

  4. Lisa Jimenez

    To say that I am outraged is an understatement. To say that I'm surprised would be a lie.
    Let's be serious here. The last election was TAKEN. I don't know who the upper ups are but it was taken from us. Unfortunately, the last almost 4 years have given fuel to those citizens who believe this garbage that Obama and company spew out as propaganda in the United States.
    He's taken this country to a level that I NEVER, EVER thought I'd see in my lifetime. We are in for a rough ride but ride we will if we all stand together. My fear is that we really don't have that much time left. We certainly don't have time to waste. Thanks for showing these vids Wayne.

  5. Carol Fasano

    I am supporting Mitt Romney for President but back in 2008 I was campaigning for Hillary Clinton. I LIVED this injustice!! Hillary was threatened and strong armed. She was the real winner of the nomination but Obama and DNC wanted Obama!

  6. Rose Wall

    They want to do this again, that's why the DOJ is warning Florida to stop purging their records. They
    (the democrats) don't care if my vote is being cancelled out by someone who is not a legal voter. This is America folks, we have got to let Washing know we will not let Washington take away our elections. We need to band together right now.

  7. Minu De Icaza-Ramsey

    Would anyone call me insensitive if i point out that just watching so many ugly, nasty people should, in and of itself, constitute a federal offense? News Ninja does it again! I've always said that conservatives have the brightests minds in the business. kudos Ninja!
    Its also great that most states are purging the voters rolls regardless of DOJ's instructions. Obama Gone in 150 days hoooah!

  8. George Gallo

    Sean Hannity is not absent on the overall Axelfrauding of the nation, but it is true we have so much current outrage that the historical outrage of the 2008 demo convention is crowded out.  The series called "Vetting the President" may  get around to the kidnapped convention.  If not, the Super Pacs could do it one soundbite at a time.  But not if Mitt pulls a McCain and gags them — as seen with the obedient stonewalling he promised his adversary on the Rev. Wright connection. 

  9. George Gallo

    The Mainstream Media is incorrigibly in the thrall of the marxist collectivist in chief, and nothing courageous or even honest will be aired there.  Get it that they are a gang of subversives on the same mission as their Missionary, or whoever is pulling "his" strings.

  10. George Gallo

    Exactly.  One or more to ride shotgun on your parked car, and be videoing the entrance to the polling place, and one to run the gauntlet to the inside, where hopefully the poll watchers are smart enough to not enable or collude in the frauds. And be sure and park where your own license plate is not visible to the intimidators (or rent a car for the day.)

  11. Wayne


    I have not watched the video.  But, when the Obama Campaign/Administration pointed out that they used ACORN to bus enough voters in Florida to win there, and they had 'done the same in other key states like Pennsylvania and Ohio,' I knew we were in trouble.


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