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If you have Democratic Friends, Ask them what have Democrats done to make their life better!

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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Most Democratic voters will give you an healthcare answer even though that hasn’t been implemented yet. Watch out for a crazy answer from them that sounds like something from the liberal media.

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  1. Moriba Jah

    1) when I was enlisted, I wanted to go to college. I needed 10 pepole including myself to be willing to take a class. No one with me wanted to. I asked my supervisor what I could do. He said that if I sacrificed my personal time, and went for boards (e.g. Airman of the Month) etc. and won, I could write my own ticket. I did this for a year, and started going for boards, winning all the way up to SAC Airman of the Year. Not only did I get nothing, but my orders got cancelled because i was excellent…my commander used me as a puppet to show off to visiting high ranking officers. I refused to re-enlist and he told me I would amount to nothing. He got the benefits of my labor…I got nothing. He was a Republican.

    2) when i went to college, I signed up for Aerospace Engineering. My academic advisor said that I would not be successful becuase it had been a while since i was in high school. He said I should study security (my Air Force job). I said no, and did Aerospace Enginnering and made it. He was a Republican.

    3) after 3 years of trying, I got accepted into the NASA Space Grant consortium to do research. My department chair said that he was going to allow me to participate because my applications were a nuissance. He said that I should feel privileged and that for every 2 hours of work, I would get paid for 1. He was a Republican.

    4) my mentor in college had previously worked for NASA in space debris. He believed in my abilities and encouraged me to go to grad school. He allowed me to get paid for every hour of my NASA Space Grant work. He was a Democrat.

    5) my academic advisor said that i would never cut it for grad school…that i was the wrong type of person. He was a Republican.

    6) I applied to grad school and my future advisor said that my test scores were not that great, but that he would take me into the program because he had seen my research and looked at me holistically. Not only did I do great in grad school, but now i help fund my college's graduate research. He was a Democrat.

    The list goes on… my personal experience has been wihout fail to date that those who have empowered me to do well for myself hae been Democrats and those who have been obstacles to achieve my dreams have been Republicans.

  2. Utahlady

    Gee Mike I had a lot of buttheads in my life too. However I simply could not tell you what political party they belonged to. I am glad you made it but are you sure you are not stretching the truth a little bit. I have two children in the Air Force. One in finishishing up a Doctorate degree and the other is a Col. The Air Force paid for both of their educations. Now I do know their political party , one is D and one is R. Is it possible that you may have had a personality problem ,or are just a pain in the butt? However I thank you for your service and good luck,hope things go better for you in your professional life.
    P.S. It was an evil Corporation that paid for my college education.I worked there ,went to night school, and as long as I maintained a B average, they paid.

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