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#IllegalImmigration protests took place this weekend all over the country

Alyssa Lafage
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Alyssa Lafage

Alyssa Lafage (formerly Krumm) is a young conservative from New Jersey with a fiery passion for individual liberty and traditional American values. She is the creator and editor of as well as contributor to and the Wayne Dupree Show alongside #TeamNinja. You can also find her writings on, and
Alyssa Lafage
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America’s southern border is under attack in a way that we have never experienced before. At the direction of President Obama, the federal government has refused to enforce current immigration law and in turn has allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Americans are rightly and understandably fed up.

In an effort to take a stand against the mismanagement of our southern border and to bring awareness to the situation, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and Overpasses for America joined together to organize “National Days Of Protest Against Immigration Reform Amnesty & The illegal immigration surge.”

On July 18-19 more than 321 protests took place nationwide at state capitals, on overpasses, outside the offices of amnesty supporting lawmakers, and at locations where the Obama administration is attempting to bus and house illegal aliens.

CLICK HERE for a full listing of all the protests that took place.

20140720-082046-30046344.jpgAn event organizer for a New Jersey protest who goes by the name, James “Paul Revere” sat down with me to discuss the border crisis.

We have serious concerns about what’s happening on our southern border. The men, women and children coming over here are not following a lawful process; many of them have diseases and illnesses and the burden to address these issues is falling on the shoulders of this country. It’s not right.

The organizer continued,

People, many who are sick, are being bussed into our cities and towns at the taxpayers expense. Meanwhile our own elected representatives are being denied access to view holding facilities where illegals are being housed.

When asked whether he and his group are against immigration all together, as many on the left claim, he emphatically answered, “absolutely not.”

This nation is a nation of immigrants. There has always been a process by which people can come to this country; a lawful process. It’s not being followed. We believe in lawful immigration and lawful processing of immigrants who wish to be a part of this great nation. But we can’t have anyone and everyone show up at our doorstep and expect to jump the line.

Below are photos from a New Jersey protest which took place in East Brunswick, close to Rutgers University.





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  1. Guest

    This article does more to show how unserious you are than to build credibility for what you’re trying to do. Your claim that our border is “under attack in a way that we have never experienced before” deserves to be backed up with some factual evidence. You can’t just say that and then not provide any actual facts to show that. “Attack”? Do you care about the meaning of the words you use? If our border is being “attacked” now, then how would you describe a situation where we had a standing enemy army on the border with military? You wouldn’t really have any words left over to describe it. 

    Then you interview a guy in a costume who goes by the name “Paul Revere.” It would be totally fine if you interviewed him about why he cares about the issue or why he dresses up in colonial costumes and impersonates Paul Revere as a tactic for raising awareness about the border. That would be interesting. But you’re doing a disservice to readers by interviewing this guy simply about the “border crisis,” and to expect your readers to just accept that he actually knows what he’s talking about – that he’s an expert in some way – when you haven’t established his credibility with us in any way. We don’t even know his name so that we can go and find out what his credentials and experience are so that we can judge whether what he’s saying is true — like when he says “many of them have diseases.” How many? We don’t know, and you didn’t do your own research or provide any documented facts to substantiate that claim. If I were to repeat that quote to someone else and they asked me where I got my information, all I would really have to tell that person, when you boil it all down, is that I got it from a guy in a costume who’s real name I don’t even know. At best I can say the guy is an “event organizer,” but that also doesn’t really give me much to go on, does it?

    These are fundamental flaws in your writing. You write under this “ninja” brand where you promise “documented facts,” when what you’re really giving us is hyperbole and unverified claims made by some dude in a costume. Can you not do better?

  2. Guest

    Furthermore, you and your colleagues could show more respect for our flag and your countrymen.

    It’s disrespectful to mar the Stars and Stripes with your campaign slogans. Aside from burning it, I can’t think of many other ways that disrespect the flag more. Plus it’s directly against the U.S. flag code, which holds that the flag should never be used for advertising purposes and should never have any mark, sign, insignia, letter, number or word printed on top of it. The reasons for this should be obvious: that flag represents all American citizens. When you put your own words on it, you’re telling other people that the flag and everything it represents belongs to you. It’s selfish. That flag isn’t yours to put your slogans on.

  3. Guest

    Is the southern border “under attack” the way Israel is when you use the hashtag #IsraelUnderAttack? 

    Does that mean we should respond the same way Israel is? Air strikes and ground invasion into Mexico?

    I’m just trying to get a sense of what you mean by “under attack,” since you just kind of threw that (very loaded) phrase out there.

  4. Texan American

    First off, leave the young lady alone. She wrote a column based on many of the things that are being reported nationally. Now, let me explain some things to you. Yes, our southern boarder is under attack. Is it under attack like Israel is by Hamas? Answer: Yes and no. You see illegal immigration is not just the issue, it’s boarder security. Not all of the people crossing are immigrants, or people looking for the “American dream”. In reality illegal immigrants steal the American Dream from legitimate Americans, but that is an discussion under a different topic. Fact 1: Many of these immigrants, refugees, whatever you want to refer to them as (I prefer criminals, because they are breaking our laws) are from Central America. Now how do Central American criminals getting all the way through Mexico to our boarder, when Mexico has extremely ridged immigration laws? It can only be one of 2 ways, either Mexico is allowing them to enter with the requirement they pass through, or Mexico and Central American Leader have an agreement. Either way, you have a government, or governments that conspiring to violate our sovereignty.

    Fact 2: The U.S, Mexican boarder has been under attack for years by Cartels. Not by rockets and bombings, but by brutal murders, and kidnappings. Don’t think for a second Cartels are not taking advantage of this porous boarder policy by Obama. So, should there be a military action? I would say that it should be an option. After all the military is charged with national security.

    Bottom line is if you don’t live close to the boarder, I don’t feel that you have a dog in the fight. Every time an American law maker votes to do nothing about it, every time a northeast Yankee says they want amnesty, they are essentially saying they want me and my family to live in fear and deal with the boarder issue, while they are virtually unscathed. It’s easy to make decisions when they don’t effect you.

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