Kathleen Sebelius Grilled by Rep Tom Price – People don’t trust you for a reason

President Obama promised that his administration would set the standard for transparency. In fact they’ve set the standard for incompetence and stonewalling across the board for the last five years. They told us that seven million people would be “insured” with ObamaCare by the end of this month.

So far all they’ve been able to tell us is how many people have put an ObamaCare plan in an online shopping cart. They say they don’t know how many people actually submitted those plans to the insurance companies and they say they don’t know how many people have actually paid the premiums on those plans.


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  1. JT Staley

    Lets see it is private INS in the private mandated by the government or they will fine you but they do not know anything. Yep that sounds like out government programs

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