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Kristin Powers Tired of Defending Incompetent President

Kristen Powers: I’m Tired of Defending Incompetent President – VIDEO

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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On Tuesday evening, Fox liberal contributor Kirsten Powers echoed the sentiments of National Journal’s Ron Fournier who explained how he has grown weary of defending the Affordable Care Act during its troubled rollout. Fournier first expressed such lamentations on Fox’s Special Report and again in a Tuesday column entitled “Why I’m Getting Sick of Defending Obamacare.”

“I’m going to say amen, brother, because it’s exactly how I feel,” Powers said on Wednesday’s Special Report. “People who have supported the law, who support universal health care, are constantly put in the position of having to defend this president, who has really incompetently put this together, rolled it out, and that’s why he has to do this. It’s why he has to keep doing this, because it’s not working.”

“It’s now gotten to the point where it seems like there’s an exemption made for pretty much everybody except for individuals,” she said. “A lot of people who have really been screwed over by the law, you know, who are left without insurance or with extremely expensive insurance.”

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  1. Marina_Y

    It's kind of funny that the only people who get left out are the individuals… Funny because people vote "individually". I guess they haven't thought that far ahead yet.

  2. cheryl

    Mr obama is like:
    Poor Little Pete
    [blames it on the other guy]

    Little petulant pouting Pete;
    he was use to having his way.
    Accustomed to others waiting,
    to hear whatever he would say.

    His Grannie had tried to tell him,
    you must stop; sticking your lip out.
    Pete, you look just like a baby,
    when you start to whimper and pout.

    Pete rose to the heights of power.
    Proclaiming he'd serve everyone.
    Yet all were dis-appointed when,
    Pete's self-serving race had been won.

    Thought of as; the bright shining boy.
    A glimmer of hope to them all.
    He was who they had awaited.
    He had come to answer the call.

    Ladies would swoon and men would cry,
    every time they'd hear him speak.
    They thought he was the Messiah,
    till they learned that he was so weak.

    Everything he attempted fell;
    apart before their very eyes.
    Excuses grew hard to think of.
    They tired of pouting Pete's cries.

    At last those who'd fought the hardest,
    decided to throw the towel in.
    Tripped on his lip while departing,
    declaring, " They'll be back again."

    c.d.m. 10/25/13 [a prophesy]

  3. Bob

    As a reporter of news, your first job or duty should be to "report the news". …They teach you to report: Who, What, When, Where, How, (not WHY) they teach that stuff in college, or do they?). A reporters job is to report the news NOT HAVE TO DEFEND THE NEWSMAKERS, just report it. Get it! REPORT the news while in the office…when you get home then you can moan and groan. Its also ironic that when she loses her insurance, she make a complete 180 degree turn!

  4. paulallee

    Now Kristen will be vilified by the Left, even though she's been defending this President all along. If you disagree with any policy on the left, you're bad.

  5. paulallee

    It's called commentary – they have every right to provide commentary. If you want straight news, watch a news program. This is political commentary. Get it?


    "Incompetentcy" is too kind… he's actually a idiot and a moron and every nasty word you can think of… he's also a USURPER…

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