Lines Drawn! Chairman Priebus Request Apology from Ebony for “White Dude” insult toward Staffer

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Chairman Priebus sent a letter to the Editor in Chief at EBONY requesting an apology from the senior editor who engaged with RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams  on Twitter, attacked black Republicans, and did not even attempt to show journalistic objectivity.

This morning on Fox and Friends, the RNC’s Raffi Williams discussed what he thought of repeated attacks on black conservatives and lack of journalistic objectivity from a senior editor at EBONY.


That letter is attached. An apology has not yet been received.



  • Vueiy

    Ebony apologized; Ms. Lemieux did NOT. I’d like to see Ebony demand she apologize or fire her. If I was management there, that’s what I’d do.

  • Maxine Shaw

    Why force someone to apologize for something they’re not sorry for? I had a short-sighted editor-in-chief try to pull a stunt like that once. I told her that I would apologize, but it would be in a way that would make her regret asking me to do so. She backed down. Ebony is just as wise, apparently.