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MADNESS! Va. State Senator Louise Lucas: Romney Is Speaking To People That Only Want White Man as President

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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This is a major reason for change this November. This State Senator and I wish I didn’t have to use that terminology went insane with her racist rant and yes, she’s racist as some members of the black community are and I said it so quote me!

With people like this supporting Obama, I am glad that I am challenging voters to choose someone else. We don’t need someone in office that condones his surrogates to blast this type of message


This woman should be removed from office immediately. How come race relations do not condemn this women for these statements. This is an outrage that a sitting congressperson should be allowed to speak with such vile filth. Her name is Louise Lucas and this is why America is sick of individuals like this continuing to raise and bait stone cold racism.

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  1. Elizabeth

    let us be real clear for sure./What an absolute irresponsible speech. This "discussion" has been going on since time started. Your solution? to scream more racism!? The mess we are in was not created by Obama or you or I. so LETS get real for sure! pinning this election on the racist card is irresponsible! how about some unity and real issues. WE got work to do .

  2. Elizabeth

    I am addressing the above to Senator Louise .btw. just in case it was misunderstood. I thank Ninja news for showing us this tirade of words from the Senator


    My heart is broken over Senator Louise Lucas' statements. I went to her years back when my son was racially profiled all bc of the fact the cop from another town thought he was Black because he was walking home from a boys house in the city next to Portsmouth, VA. Once the Officer realized he was just a kid said officer brought him home as a courtesy call. When my son now sitting on the sofa said you didn't have Probable Cause the officers whole demeanor changed and I asked him to step outside he ignored me told me to move I did and he moved toward Ben half asleep on the sofa and Pepper sprayed him in the face grabbed him up slammed him around handcuffed him and took him out the door. I followed and asked why are you doing this? Officer Landfair stated I could get him at TDH a Juvenile facility the next day. Well next day Ben Charged w/felony and this same Officer came back to my house 4am to arrest me for Obstruction of Justice. All males officers I was just in a bathrobe. They would not allow me to go upstairs to get dressed but they allowed my Marine to bring me my clothes. Once I put my underwear on in front of all four male Officers I felt raped started crying and Landfair felt bad so he let me go in the kitchen to finish dressing. Told Magistrate indirectly not to allow Bond.. Anyway I got out my son wasn't that fortunate they kept him his liver failed and now he's gone. I went to the Senator we had work together at NNSY we even partied at an annual Sports Hall of Fame. Know I feel betrayed as a woman by a woman and as a mom by a mom. Can't help now thinking maybe if I was black she would have responded. She wasn't the only person or group I asked for help from. Sad I or my son just weren't black. Anyway this city is a cesspool of corruption. If you only knew..I was warned. I was told by a friend AF Lt Col. Warren Holland who ran for City Council when I went after Landbank Equity corp he was surprised he didn't read about me in a ditch somewhere. My best girlfriend tried to help her father had been the Commonwealth Attorney but Louise Albertson died in of all places The Vatican while teaching troops. Benjamin Morris Short was my sons name I had him at home on the first Grandparents Day and as my husband handed him to me I dedicated him to all Grandparents in the World.

  4. dot burross

    I cant believe this woman is a state senator. Who voted this unsmart woman into office ? They were stupid.

  5. Jet

    As a Black man I am appalled at the State Senator's racist comments. Not
    only are her comments so behind the times, they are ignorant to say the
    least. Lets apply some logic to her comments. Did not those same
    "racist" White folk of VA help put a Black man by the name of Obama in
    the White House in 2008, despite the fact that he was running against a
    white woman and white man. Now because the polls show that Obama is
    losing ground in VA, some of those same folks are now racist? Come on
    now sista! Surely you can do better than that. "I finally have convinced
    my children that racism is alive and well." Sounds to me that you had
    to really argue hard to convince them of this "so-called" fact,
    especially when they see a Black man in the White House. I suspect they
    agreed with you just to have you shut up, because like me they long ago
    have grown tired of hearing your out dated Jessasonian cries of
    victimization! Are you not a BLACK VA STATE SENATOR…who help put you in office? A message to Black Folk…if the Dems can count on 95% of our vote time after time no matter what, why should either party respect our vote? Latinos tend to swing 40%-60% for either party. Now you see why Obama did not bother showing up to NAACP
    convention but did show up to a prominent Latino convention, as well as
    ordered parts of the "Dream Act" by Executive Order. Personally, I think
    organization such as NAACP are antiquated with there approach, but
    where is the out cry that Obama did not show up…you know like there
    was for Bush when he declined an invitation to speak. Bottom line, this
    Lady's approach sickens me to my core. "Only the intelligent people
    understand, is what she said a few times?" Meaning that she's one of the "intelligent ones?"
    Now that's scary, especially after hearing what she had to say to that
    radio host. Notice she never mentioned any of the policies of the Obama
    administration. She sounds like "Squealer" from George Orwell's, "Animal
    Farm." If you have not read this book please do so.

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