Magic Johnson Shot Blocked! States Obama helped AIDS research more than Bush, Organizations say no!

Organizations that champion AIDS-related causes have for several years maintained that President Obama also hasn’t lived up to his promises on the issue.

Despite pledging in 2008 to provide $50 billion for the global fight against HIV and AIDS, for example, the Obama administration has spent only $5.5 billion per year on the effort, and is slated to reduce funding for AIDS efforts by approximately $214 million in 2013.

“This latest action merely confirms what people with HIV/AIDS and their advocates have long suspected — the president simply is not committed to fighting global AIDS,” said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, in a statement.

“We had practically no global AIDS program prior to President Bush taking office,” Weinstein told The Washington Blade. “And before he left office, they approved a $48 billion plan for PEPFAR, which Sen. Obama voted to authorize and enact. This year, President Obama, for the first time in the history of the program, asked for less money for global AIDS than we had last year, and there’s $1.4 billion in unspent money in PEPFAR.”


via DailyCaller

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