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Sunday , December 11 2016

Memorial Day: Remembering those who gave us everything

Authors family flags in with other casket flags flown every memorial day at the Vaughn Bay Cemetery Washington State
Authors family flags in with other casket flags flown every memorial day at the Vaughn Bay Cemetery Washington State

Throughout our lives, we acquire times of great joy and thankfulness that we spend with loved ones close to us. In these times of joy we prize what is important in our lives and for many it is the renewed bonding and love that cement lives and relationships.

We oftten lose our perspective, our focus from time to time because of the daily hustle and bustle. Events lately seem to rivet us back to the reality of world tragedies we face, as a nation. In times of peril we seek comfort in our own ways, looking for reason and why. We are a strong society and we always move forward, trying not to forget but as we settle back into our lives and routines….we do.

Memorial Day is one holiday we lose sometimes what it is about. This is a day of honor to those who have stood up through our history to meet the threats that faced our nation. This is a day for reflection and remembrance of hero’s deeds and lives lost, to remember all those who have served our nation in the armed forces. But, we get lost in the three-day weekend, camp outs and sales events.

Try to watch a veteran’s parade, wave and smile at the vets proudly participating. Go help at a veteran’s cemetery, cleaning graves, or putting up decorations. Help organize a parade, or celebration, there are all sorts of things that need to be done in communities all over America in preparation for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is just one day of our lives to pay respect to the people who protected us. They went without sleep, went hungry, and thirsty, got shot at, bombed, saw detestable and ghastly sights so we didn’t have to. They lost friends, blood, endured freezing cold and boiling heat. And some…. lost their very souls. Is it too much to ask that one day out of the year we put down our work, toys, and arguments? Instead of focusing inwards we take the time to spend a day remembering our military veterans? I think it is the LEAST we can do.

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