My Dream became NBC Nightmare – #BlackConservativesforRomney

NBC produced a poll with the Wall Street journal yesterday that pissed me off to the highest of pissivity. The poll conducted by them and for them showed that Mitt Romney had “ZERO” support from the Black Community. I am sure I wasn’t the only one to think in his/her mind – What in helicopter and how many NBC employees were counted twice in the polling results.

Yesterday afternoon, after I calmed down, I was like I need to do something now and quickly to get something going and I went to twitter and typed what I thought – #BlackConservativesforRomney. I hit submit and did it again and then did it again. That was later followed by retweet after retweet and then more retweets. Before you knew it, it was exploding and I felt great. Not that it was something I did but the scale that people of all colors were joining in and supporting it…..it was a beautiful site.

Later in the evening, Mitt Romney added a promotional tweet at the top of the section and I knew we had reached and touched something!!

Here are just a few examples of great Americans speaking up for #BlackConservativesforRomney



Click to view hashtag for http://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23BlackConservativesForRomney

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Dianne Butler
Dianne Butler

Excellent! Sometimes small actions result in big successes. Please keep putting your message out there, do not let the MSM define you, and know you have my full support!


Thanks @NewsNinja2012 You keep preaching this right here. It never ceases to amaze me the blacklibs that have no idea that MLK was a republican, KKK was founded by democrats, the NAACP was founded by white and black republicans and for that matter the reason the republican party was formed.

Wendy Burdette
Wendy Burdette

Thanks @NewsNinja2012 for telling the truth. How sad that the race card has become the issue by the Dems under our 1st black president. Pitiful.


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