Obama at UN: “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

What in the heck was that addition to the speech?


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  1. SIGmund Fried

    @afrederickdouglasrepublican:disqus Mohammed married a 9 year old girl. Lot of Muslims think it's ok to do that. That's where that comes from. Most self acclaimed (actually, they're all self acclaimed) 'prophets' carve themselves handy sexual niches: multiple wives, pedophilia, the pick of the crop, etc. Islam, and all other religions, were clearly written by men, for men.

  2. Patrick Matas

    So to appease the Muslim terrorists who killed four Americans, our US president quotes a Hindu? I'm sure the Islamo-fascists can really respect that! :P

    We are witnessing the break down of the Obama administrations foreign policy fantasy.

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