Off-Duty Deputy Shoots Gunman at San Antonio Movie Theater before He can Shoot People in the Theater

Off-Duty Deputy Shoots Gunman at San Antonio Movie Theater before He can Shoot People in the Theater

A story you won’t hear about in most of the liberal media.

A gunman entered a San Antonio, Texas Movie Theater on December 17, 2012, but found out the hard way it was NOT a gun-free zone. Rather than it becoming a story about dozens of people shot or killed, it became an example of what an armed “good guy” can do when a bad guy comes walking in.

In this case, the “good guy” was an off-duty Sheriff’s deputy at the theater. Sgt. Lisa Cuello Castellano shot the gunman multiple times before he could shoot anyone in the theater. She has been awarded the “Medal of Valor” for her heroism. Another off-duty officer at the theater, Armondo Olguin, was also recognized for helping to apprehend the gunman.


The liberal media won’t talk about this story because it does not fit with the anti-gun songbook they are singing from these days. But it is an obvious example of how different the outcome can be when an armed intruder is met with armed resistance instead of a totally defenseless population. There is no reason why America’s children cannot be protected like this in every school in America. There is a virtual army of retired military, police officers, security personnel and well-trained average citizens who would be ready and willing to protect and defend if mobilized and given the chance to do so. But, instead, the focus will be on creating more “gun-free zones” where instead of armed resistance, would-be killers will find defenseless victims.

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