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Sunday , February 14 2016

Oh the Irony: Joe Biden Struggles to Read from Teleprompter

Looks like Obama isn’t the only one in the White House with mental issues. While speaking at the National Association of Community Health Centers 2014 Policy and Issues Forum, Joe Biden had some ‘difficulties’ with president Obama’s best bud.. the teleprompter.

Biden said,

Stop moving that, that, that, that, uh, you know, what’s this thing called? You know, a teleprompter. Barack always kids when he says, ‘Joe Biden,’ he said, ‘I’m learning to speak without a TelePrompter, Joe’s learning to speak with one.


Biden is becoming more and more unglued with every interview and public appearance he makes. Sometimes I wonder if this is all just an act to make Obama look better by comparison.


In his defense, it is probably terribly difficult to remember all the lies you’ve told and keep them straight.

h/t GOP Rapid Response

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