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Sunday , February 7 2016

Pharrell predicts next president and calls Tea Party racist

I will say allegedly, because GQ has misquoted people in the past. However, according to a GQ article, Pharrell predicts that Hillary Clinton will be the next president, and he believes that the Tea Party is racist. Based on the quotes I read from the interview, his view is utterly simplistic, and his points carry no weight whatsoever. When he was asked what Hillary represents, his answer was “a woman in power.” Thing is, we can all agree that she had power, just like Obama, Biden, and Holder have power now. I for one have no quarrel with a woman having power; I applaud that. This isn’t about her being a woman; this is about her policies being crap, just like our President’s policies are crap. This has nothing to do with the color of their skin, or their gender. I’m a fan of Condoleeza Rice, a WOMAN, who happens to be BLACK! Now there’s a real woman in power, a woman who earned her position, unlike Hillary riding the coat tails of her sex-crazed husband.There are times that artists are informed, and I can name at least one that made a great president. Then there are times that the artist should simply sit down. Pharrell, please take a seat, write a song, and do what you do.

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