Scorned Tavis Smiley: Obama Won’t Meet With Negroes Who Disagree With Him

Hey Tavis, Obama Won’t Meet With Negroes Who Disagree With Him and he blocks whites from his twitter who do, too.

Tavis Smiley must be speaking about Conservative Blacks because 8 out of 10 black Americans side with him right or wrong but I digress. Tavis is just as bad as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He won’t speak to the black community on how the Democratic Party is the reason why they remain in the lower standards that they do. He blames mostly all of the black community problems on republicans and for that I don’t have a tear in my eye that Obama won’t meet with Smiley or Cornel West.


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Hannah Abbott
Hannah Abbott

If you are black and voted for or plan to vote for obama because he is black you are fooling yourself. . . you are part of the problem that BLACK America is the only failed immigrant group in the HISTORY of this country. On every metric, Blacks have failed, in education, illegitimacy rates, crime rates, and every other way a citizen is measured. You allow yourselves to be led around by societal scum like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama. . .You just don't get it.... virtually ALL of WHITE America has bought into the "Content of character" argument, but most Black Americans haven't. We don't care what color your skin is, we only care what kind of person you are. . . We don't live in a collective, we live in a free market society where the individual is king and individual accomplishments matter and are celebrated. I feel sad that our big cities, primarily run by Black Americans (Atlanta, Detroit, Newark, act) have failed. Instead of advocating a quality education, scum like Obama and Jackson push welfare and food stamps. . . Black America has failed . . . .and they have no one to blame but themselves.. . . they have been given the opportunity, and most of you have wasted it. .. . As for Smiley, he is in a position to advocate individual responsibility and opportunity, instead he plays the blame game and sides with the race baiter's like Obama. . . Tavis you are pathetic... . .you may be educated, but you have dishonored that education. . . . loser