Seattle Mom hit with 36K Bill after signing up for Obamacare “Gold Plan”

Here is a Seattle woman who signed up for an ObamaCare “Gold Plan” only to find out it would not pay for her daughter to go to Seattle Children’s Hospital – but required her to go to a hospital 2-3 hours away. As a result, she has been hit with a $36,000 Hospital bill after taking her daughter to the hospital when she was in distress. She’s going to have to pay half of the $36,000.

How bizarre that a person in a major city like Seattle would have to go 2-3 hours away to go to the hospital when her child is having health issues. I guess that’s called progress under the disaster that is ObamaCare. Of course, Harry Reid will just say it’s not real like all the other examples.

With stories like this, how can Harry Reid continue to like to say all horror stories like this are lies? Share your thoughts below.

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