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UPDATED! Appalling Photos of Ambassador Stevens after Tuesday Incident

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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A picture believed to be for the U.S. Ambassador in #Libya after he was killed last night in #Benghazi

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  1. She'll Be Right

    No matter who this man is, I'm thoroughly sickened at the thought of the TERROR he had to experience. My prayers to he and his family.

  2. She'll Be Right

    If he was my son/husband/brother/loved one…it would mean an act of war! My outraged thoughts right now are to retaliate, send over the drones to teach these guys a lesson! Hurt feelings does not justify the murder of U.S citizens.

  3. Fred

    And they say they are a peaceful religion, BULL. I would apply so much heat to that region that it would turn into a glass table top, but they have nothing to fear from our Muslim


  4. JakeHollmann

    Obama is one of them trying to keep up the illusion of being an American! Keep it up barry! come November your OUT on A Rail!!

  5. Angelsmom

    This president is a pompous ass…He should tell them they do NOT get one more red cent from us, but will the MFr do that???, hell no, He's a spineless bastard.

    I too am outraged and we need to do something…but there is NO ONE in our govt that has the guts.

    BHO will just apologize & bow to them. Simpleton jack-ass. He's too bust running off to Vegas, to get money from the Holleywoodcrats..for his campaign..

    Impeach Obama and send his ass to Git-mo. !!!

  6. Minecraft

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  7. Laura

    IF this had happened at one of THEIR Embassies over HERE… We would be at WAR today!! God Bless this man, and his family, and all others harmed. "Cry Havoc! And let slip the DOGS OF WAR!!"

  8. Desireé B Law

    We are always soooo quick to judge others "there is no peaceful Islam" did you say that out loud after you posted it? Really. I assure you there are people on the other Side of the world saying the EXACT same thing as that about America… I wonder how many innocent people have lost their lives and loved ones in other countries because of our bombings and heat seeking missiles. It is this unfortunate language of hate that perpetuates situations such as this. I pray the comfort of God over his family and theirs that we may ALL no peace!

  9. the songbird

    These people are all crazy, that explains it all. They have absolutely no regard for life, human or otherwise. They have been killing mercilessly for hundreds if not thousands of years and it will never change. The U.S. needs to be out of all these crazy populated places. Let them kill each other off if that's what they want to do. This is outrageous.

  10. Deborah

    B.O. understands all this because he is one of them. Why else would he not be as OUTRAGED as I am? He said the U.S. is tolerant of other religions….. Uhm, Mr. faux potus, the koran, muhamad and all of it is not religion; is is a several 1,000 year old tribal custom of treating your women worse than dogs, killing anyone who disagrees with you. Why do you think the Vatican allowed THE CRUSADES 800 years ago? IMHO; it's time to do it again. These VERMIN are not civilized people who are READY to live in the 21st Century. May God place a POX upon each and every one of them who believes as these rioters do.

  11. ace

    Desiree I know you are as stupid as you sound with your comments. One day you will need an Americans help and I hope
    they hand you over to these animals.

  12. jerome ennis

    These folks are Barbarians and should be treated as such. The blood of these people is squarely on the hands of Obama and his Regime because the Obama Regime Gave the Terrorists in the Middle East the Green Light when he was elected to go ahead and have Revolutions and overthrown somewhat Civilized Governments with Radical Muslim Terrorists from The So Called Muslim Brotherhood and AlQuida and the Taliban, and has the gall to call it Arab Spring, when in fact, we aided the Terrorists with Money, Weapons and Bombs, and like with CIA and special forces help on the ground. Obama is a damned traitor, nothing more, nothing less. He has to go in November is we survive as a nation that long.

  13. Dan

    Animals coming soon to a city near you. Every day more come across our borders. Obama welcomes them with open arms to take jobs from tax paying citizens.

  14. Just_Saying

    before passing judgement on these photos, there are several others reporting these photos were taken of people trying help Chris Steven to the hospital… not "dragging his corpse down the street"

    …I'm not excusing what was done, I'm just trying to point out that the story behind these photos may be misleading.

    Chris Stevens was taken to a hospital (believed to be by Libyans) where prolonged attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

  15. Sad for America

    the day had come where the demon breeder must pay for his crime , he may he rest in peace was happy by the Islamic guerrillas called freedom fighters he as a subordinate of hilary and obama created. the same cup he made Gaddafi drink he drunk it too , may god save you america save you from yourself

  16. cowgirl11

    A couple of planes and a few bombs will rid the world of these things. And we have a guy in the WH that supports them and allows this to happen to an American, it is beyond shameful, it is criminal.

  17. Outraged bitch

    Why don't we just nuke the shit out of them and call it quits these bastards don't diserve to live that are dirty inhumain condescending pricks

  18. mohammedlovedtomurde

    This is Islam…now the same thing is in Egypt, Tunisia Yemen and spreading…Islam is hatred and killing

  19. muhammedlovedtomurde

    Wouldn't it be nice if the American public were privy to all the facts. This man was a helper to these beasts and protected them, the thanks from muslims is murder in the sickest, slowest and cruelest way.

    Obama, the traitor, is responsible for this! Stop capitulating to Muslims, they will always use it against you

  20. mohammedlovedtomurde

    Even when Americans were taken hostage, beheaded, put into jail in Arab countries, or tortured and murdered abroad Americans did not do anything like this.

    Even when the coptic Christians in Egypt were burnt alive and murdered cruely, the Americans did not do anything like this. This is PURE EVIL

    They took the ambassador raped him and dragged him through the street. A person who had never harmed them and given them his aid.

    This is Islam..time to say it and know it, there is a war, islam against humanity

  21. UseCommonSense

    Are you serious…this man was beaten to death after being raped..he was not even an enemy, he was not trying to kill anyone, he never hurt anyone and in fact helped these animals in their revolution against gaddafi.

    You are a sick person to comment as you have.

  22. ObamaIsResponsiblefo

    A real president would have no apologized and rather made it clear that freedom of speech is our right and if any american is injured anywhere in the world the perpetrator will be hunted down and killed.

  23. Cool Hand Luke

    Goddamn people, I know you're emotional but nuking an entire civilization just because a handful of pricks did something against someone of our country? If that were the case, someone should've killed all of us back when the banking assholes screwed our economic system over.

  24. bananafanafo

    9-13-12, today, I heard Ambassador Stevens was raped & killed. In the smaller picture,slung over shoulder u can't see his pants.

  25. KentPerry

    Well all you God Damned camel raping rag headed shit bags, it looks like everything that video about Muhammad and that stupid retrograde religion of retards, you find so offensive, just had its entire point,

    PROVEN WITHOUT A DOUBT LEFT. Time to unleash the Neo Crusaders and disembowel the Muslims. This is the kind of shit that gives people the right to make videos about how pathetically ridiculous your asshole religion is and how brain dead you must be to believe that shit stain Muhammad (Piss be upon his soul and all over his ugly face) was some kind of prophet. It is so easy to hate you sons of bitch's because hatred and recompense done with extreme prejudice, is all you filthy scumbags deserve.

    FUCK ISLAM and FUCK MUHAMMAD with a dead pigs dick you bastard sons of bitch's

    I have only three words to describe what you need to do to correct the problem of Islam and they are,,

    DIE!, DIE! DIE!

  26. KentPerry

    Hey Desiree! Live among them you dumb stupid bitch!

    I guarantee, you will be BEGGING to go back and live among those evil Americans

  27. KentPerry

    Those pissing on the dead were concerned for the Jihadist' soul, so they baptized them that way.
    Personally, Jessie, I would have been less outraged if our Marines CUT THEIR HEADS OFF AND SHIT

    Down their NECK.

    But, that's me

  28. Pat A

    The worst of it is is that they are teaching their children the same hate. Anyone feeling safe and secure with Obama at this point needs to think again. He is seen as weak because that's what he is. This is a heinous act and there must be repercussions, not just rhetoric.

  29. Rachel

    It would be an Act of War if our nation wasn't being led by the Keystone Kops instead of real leaders. Vote Romney and get this horrible band of losers out of our White House.

  30. Rachel

    A real President would not have orchestrated the "Arab Spring" in the first place. This one started it and then let the Muslim Brotherhood radicals take over. Just call him Barak Hussein Carter. Now he too is a failure in both domestic and foreign policy.

  31. Rachel

    Do you see any Mormons running around raping, brutalizing and murdering people in the most barbaric way possible? Haven't heard a peep out of any "moderates" trying to stop the radicals. I take that as implicit support. It's not like this is an isolated event! They are doing this kind of crap all over the world.

  32. Rachel

    no…it's believable. They have been doing it since the 1960's…instead of reporting the news, they dictate what news you are allowed to hear. How are they any different than the Mullahs?

  33. Oremus

    There is another photo… the AFTER photo.. after ALL of this.. which makes it VERY obvious that they were NOT rescuing him.. it is so horrific, that I just broke down crying.. he has not shirt or trousers on and is bloody beaten and obviously, finally dead.. and they are all around taking pictures..

  34. picky1

    Actually yes. Mormons do run around raping young women, marrying young women, and enslaving them to their sexual ways and polygamy.

  35. Picky1

    Actually yes. Mormons do run around raping young women, marrying young women, and enslaving them to their sexual ways and polygamy. Mormons whole belief system is based upon satanic occult altogether.

    0 •Re
    ply•Share ›

  36. picky1

    Yeah even if that person is themselves standing up for their religious freedoms. That is what those people are doing. You would do the same thing if it were happening in your community. IDK maybe you would just stand by and watch your family and friends die. Stop listening to the media they are feeding you UN lies

  37. CBS

    This was made by higher authority, so that people can focus on this tragedy, while the goverment realise its master plan.

  38. Rachel

    You're an idiot. Those polygamists are a tiny handful of nutsbags that mainstream Mormons condemn. Blaming all Mormons for that fringe group, would be like blaming ALL Christians for those idiots that celebrate soldier's deaths and picket their funerals. Do YOU want to be painted with THAT brush?

  39. kay

    when is enough going to be enough out with obama all americans must stand up and be heard its is time to reclaim what america is all about no more apologys

  40. Linda Martin

    Every Religion has some sect that comes out of it and call themselves by that name. We Christians saw radicals burn abortion clinics and murdered a Kansas abortion doctor. We did not support it. To say, Mormons rape young women is absolutely false. Get your facts straight before condemning any religion. Muslims marry young, as well, so does India and some other nations are they all cults? Heck NO!

  41. Anas Khanzada Rajput

    this is just a trailor …..U deserve worse reaction …..u thos Insulted my Prophet(S.A.W)….wait for reaction of Pakistan …u will get a lesson for all ur false effort…islam is religion of peace but not for those who disrespect it…u wll remember…wait n watch how Pakistani
    ruin ur world…u motherfkers

  42. kelly jackson

    Yes, Dude, he is, this is like they are in the stone age….Let religion take over and forget common sense….hate everyone just because they are of a culture or race or religion that you don't like. A few surgical air strikes can take out the worst of our enemies instead of committing troops in a police presence. Or we can send in agents and assassinate some of their key people. They are dogs. This is war and we can't play nice any more. Obama's been kissing but long enough….

  43. kelly jackson

    About Mormons, not they are not doing that. The polygamists are a group that left and formed their own group and not Mormons in reality. They are the FLDS and the ACCs and not Mormons. Check your facts first. Mormons stopped practicing polygamy since the 1800s and they did once kill people so that is both right and wrong. Islam has not evolved to the modern age and is still living by a ruthless, barbaric, and totally evil faith all wrapped up and disguised as some Holy religion. If it is and it is so true and their God is so great, why do they have to do all his supposed work for him. He should be able to kill who he wants to unless he's a total fraud.

  44. kelly jackson

    You call murdering an ambassador standing for your religious freedom? That is extreme that it is okay to murder someone who insults your religion and the ambassador didn't insult anyone or anyone's religion. We really need to take out these maggots….

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