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Monday , October 24 2016

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Allen West just lit the match of motivation during “Stop Iran Rally” with epic speech, are you on fire? – VIDEO


Former Congressman, Fox News contributor and my spiritual brother Allen West gave a speech today in New York City’s Time Square at the “Stop Iran Rally,” and it was one of those “come to Jesus” speeches where he sounded like a Southern Baptist preacher trying to save souls by waking …

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Enough!! Col Allen West Calls for House of Representatives to draw up Articles of Impeachment for Obama


He has called President Obama a liar and a disgrace, has accused him of “potential treason” in Benghazi, and has called for his impeachment because he has broken his oath of office. West is speaking out again, this time regarding the prisoner swap that Obama orchestrated that provided material support to the Taliban by …

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Col Allen West on Obama “He’s a Spoiled brat child and Pathological Liar who was given everything he wanted”


Col. Allen West took out all stops when describing Barack Hussein Obama today, calling him a ‘spoiled brat’ and ‘pathological liar,’ something clear-thinking Americans have been saying aloud for 5 years now. You won’t find Col. West mincing words much, he calls it like it is; and is one of …

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Team Newsninja to attend RNC, Black Republicans Event for March On Washington


The Republican National Committee and some of the most prominent black Republican politicians will hold an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington later this month. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will be joined by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), former congressman Allen West (R-Fla.), former Ohio secretary of …

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Thousands Protest ‘Illegal Immigration’ by Marching On Washington, Media Once Again Silent As Usual – VIDEO


Last week, thousands of Americans descended on the National Mall and protested the Illegal Immigration Bill that is currently in the House of Representatives. They came from far distances to have their voices heard. On this day, there was a common cause that was addressed by Democrats and Republicans alike …

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Racist Much? Joe Biden: Democrat Patrick Murphy ‘Did the Country a Favor’ By Beating Allen West


Hours after Rep. Patrick Murphy officially took office, Biden performed his own ceremonial swearing-in for Murphy. The vice president commended Murphy for ousting outspoken former U.S. Rep. Allen West, a contest that drew more than $30 million combined and grabbed national headlines. “I’d like to say to all of you, …

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Allen West/Patrick Murphy race update: St. Lucie County will recount early District 18 race ballots


7:20 AM – A split St. Lucie County canvassing board Friday night voted to recount all of the county’s early ballots for the District 18 race, a decision Allen West ‘s team applauded and Patrick Murphy ‘s called illegal. The decision came after a state elections auditor found a box of 306 early ballots …

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