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Monday , October 24 2016

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BREAKING NEWS?? Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story? – Washington Examiner


President Obama reelection campaign, rattled by his Wednesday night debate performance, could be in for even worse news. According to knowledgeable sources, a national magazine and a national web site are preparing a blockbuster donor scandal story. Sources told Secrets that the Obama campaign has been trying to block the story. But …

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HuffPost/Democracy Now tie Romney and start of Bain Capital To Money from Death Squads


OUTRAGEOUS!!! This Huffington Post/Democracy Now ‘death squad’ thing is better suited to Obama, who, for nearly 4 wretched years, has sentenced MILLIONS of US families and individuals to a lifetime of gasping poverty resulting in the misery-filled pathetically kicked-to-the curb economy while laughing and thumbing his nose at the desperately …

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Megyn Kelly Talks to John Sununu: “they’re the ones that have problems.”


Watch the latest video at A member of President Obama’s reelection team accused Mitt Romney of committing a felony in regards to his tenure at Bain Capital, which prompted Romney’s team to demand an apology … a demand the president has refused. An Obama deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, …

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Obama campaign appears to be stuck in their own ‘Groundhog Day,’ repeating the same, debunked charges on Bain


Instead of crying over spilled milk, why doesn’t the Obama Campaign lodge a compliant about Romney’s financial disclosure form filed just last year instead of trying to mislead people about POTENTIAL violations. In other words, the accusation that Romney is an uncharged felon is pure demagogic tripe Only three?  Glenn …

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