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Tuesday , May 24 2016

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How did this get here? Clintons finds another $26M in donations to foundation; some likely foreign


The Clinton Foundation said Thursday it had discovered $12-26 million worth of previously-undisclosed contributions, including some from foreign entities. The money was received in exchange for speeches by the three Clintons, and was accidentally counted as “revenue” rather than donations. Via the Washington Post: The paid appearances included speeches by …

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White House Turns to Sharpton on How To Work with GOP?

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.02.08 AM

There’s obvious and then there’s painfully obvious. And in the case of Al Sharpton declaring that Tuesday’s resounding defeat for his party was not the fault of an unpopular president nor inept candidates, but of Hillary and Bill Clinton, it’s painfully obvious where the activist/host/liaison is getting his marching orders are coming from: Valerie Jarrett. …

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