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Friday , October 28 2016

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Is National Security Advisor Susan Rice An Idiot, Or Does She Just Play One On TV?


Today, National Security Advisor Susan Rice did the impossible…made herself look as, if not more incompetent than did she during the September 16th Sunday talk show appearances where she blamed a YouTube video for the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Today, while appearing on CNN, Candy Crowley pushed Rice on whether the Obama administration …

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Pelosi, ‘Investments’ will Balance the Budget; Code Word for “More Government Spending”


As Democrat Nancy Pelosi attacks the GOP Budget proposal, CNN’s Candy Crowley asks the Democrats’ Budget will balance the budget! Pelosi said it will get to balance through “growth” – but not by growing the private sector economy. But growing Government! She uses one of the Democrats’ favorite euphemisms for …

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SHOCK!! Presidential Debate Co-Chair: Our ‘One Mistake’ Was Having Candy Crowley Moderate


CNN host Candy Crowley elicited big waves of both criticism and praise when she moderated a presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney last year. A few months removed from the controversy, Frank Fahrenkopf, a co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said it was a “mistake” to choose …

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Liberal CNN Goes after Carson – Was Doctor’s Conservative Speech In Front Of Obama ‘Offensive,’ ‘Inappropriate’?

Liberal CNN Goes after Carson – Was Doctor’s Conservative Speech In Front Of Obama ‘Offensive,’ ‘Inappropriate’?

Dr. Benjamin Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, raised a number of political eyebrows in Washington this week when he took to a stage he shared with President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast and advocated a number of conservative reforms. On Sunday, the panel guests on …

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Newsninja2012 Video – Megyn Kelly Focus Group On Candy Crowley’s Moderation Of Debate


A focus group of media professionals convened by Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly burst into a heated yelling match on Wednesday during a discussion of CNN anchor Candy Crowley’s performance as the moderator of the second presidential debate.… Watch the latest video at Wow. Megyn Kelly's focus group goes …

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Politico’s Mike Allen Fact Checks “Acts Of Terror” Comment; Obama used “Senseless Acts” during Rose Garden Speech referring to Libya


Mike Allen: There’s going to be a bunch of fact checkers. But, just to do a fact check here, when Governor Romney said that Obama had been slow in calling the Libya attack terrorism, and the President said, “Oh wait a minute… The day after in the Rose Garden, I …

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Liberal Leaning CNN Candy Crowley has decided to Re-Write Moderator responsibility before Tomorrow Debate


Via Politico – The town-hall debate is the one presidential face-off in which the audience gets to ask the questions. But don’t tell that to moderator Candy Crowley. Like any journalist worthy of the assignment, Crowley concedes that the debate on Tuesday night isn’t about her, but she just as eagerly acknowledges her role …

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