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Monday , October 24 2016

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This popular childhood star is running for Congress to clean up DC but boy does she have luggage!


Former childhood star, Melissa Gilbert is running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District, challenging Republican freshman Rep. Mike Bishop. She is most known for her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder on NBC’s Little House on the Prairie in the 1970s and 1980s. The Detroit Free Press reported: “I’m running for …

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WHOA! Surveillance court rules N.S.A. can resume bulk data collection; blames Congress


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled late Monday that the National Security Agency may temporarily resume its once-secret program that systematically collects records of Americans’ domestic phone calls in bulk. According to the New York Times: In his ruling, Judge Mosman said that because Congress knew how the surveillance court …

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DOESN’T CARE! 48% of Americans Oppose Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Obama Executive Amnesty

According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, nearly half of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s taking executive action on immigration. 48 percent oppose, while 38 percent support it, leaving 14 percent unsure. The poll is released as the President is expected to announce his plans to sign an executive order granting amnesty to …

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HEY AMERICA! WH Laughs at Executive Amnesty Challenge: ‘It Doesn’t Tear Up the Constitution’

Jennifer Palmieri

Just keep it up. Americans do NOT think “tearing up the Constitution” is funny. This White House Spokesperson – Jennifer Palmieri – seems to think it is. Joe Scarborough confronted her with the fact that even the liberal Washington Post describes Obama’s action tonight as unilateral action that, at best, won’t make …

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Obamacare numbers proven fake; Hold Admin accountable for lying once again!


Obamacare is such a disaster that it’s hard to keep track of the growing laundry list of what’s wrong with it. It was doomed from the start (“We’ll have to read it to find out what’s in it”), and its problems have only gotten worse through implementation. Despite widespread opposition to the law (from state governments to doctors to businesses to …

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