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Friday , October 28 2016

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BEHNA: Senate Democrats Block Zika Funding Third Time, Still Blame GOP


They did it again. Senate Democrats blocked Zika funding for a third straight time, complaining that the GOP shouldn’t be adding pro-life language within the proposed funding. BREAKING → Senate #Democrats have now blocked #Zika funding for the third time. Unacceptable. — Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) September 6, 2016 Even …

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LAFAGE: Youth Consensus at #CPAC2016: Too Little Too Late for John Kasich


Friday afternoon CPAC attendees got to hear from Governor John Kasich, a presidential candidate who hasn’t been able to muster much support from the conservative base, partiuraly young people. During his speech, the Governor was his usual upbeat, positive self which is one of the things people love and hate about him. Kasich hasn’t …

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New Democrats commercial backfires! They won’t call terrorist attacks Radical Islam but GOP stand strong!


Mark it down folks. Democrats do NOT believe we are at war with “Radical Islam.” This new DNC ad shows Republicans saying we are at war with “Radical Islam” – not “Islam” – but “Radical Islam.” So, that’s what Democrats are saying is wrong. They then use former President George …

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Obama just signed executive order to allow felons ability to get federal jobs!


President Obama (along with other former presidents) has not been shy about using the executive order to accomplish his goals without the aid of Congress. The president’s most recent order will make it easier for convicted felons to apply for and compete for federal government jobs. His never-ending mission to fundamentally …

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Trey Gowdy reassures Americans Benghazi committee is about 4 dead Americans!


The only difference between the Watergate investigations and the Benghazi investigations is that the Republicans agreed with the Democrats that it needed to be investigated. They looked beyond politics and sought justice. The Democrats today can’t look beyond their noses. Hillary Clinton campaign is hyping the upcoming testimony before Congress’ …

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POPULAR MESSAGE? GOP frontrunner Trump calls out his side of the tracks! CEO salaries are ‘joke” and “disgrace”


U.S. Republican party presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Sunday high salaries paid to chief executives were a “joke” and a “disgrace” and said these were often approved by company boards stacked with the CEO’s friends. I totally agree as do most of you. It’s the good ole boy network …

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SHOCK! Joe Scarborough NAILS Democrats as Whiners! We have fed and freed more people than anyone on the globe!


Kudos to Joe Scarborough! This is the REALLY GOOD Joe Scarborough! He goes on an epic defense of the United States as “still the greatest nation on Earth,” and says Republicans need a candidate who will project that optimistic view of the future. Scarborough said multiple things that will make …

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Vito & Vito vs. The Communists


Vito and Vito go after Mayor de Blasio, Obama, and now Raul Castro!   The Communist Party officially is utilizing the Democratic Party. What does that mean!?   The Commies are back! Listen here! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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