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Thursday , October 27 2016

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Ebony Mag Apologizes for Senior Editor’s Lack of Judgement towards RNC Williams; Still no word from Lemieux


NOTE: Ebony Magazine apologized. I checked Jamilah Lemieux twitter timeline and at the time of this posting, she has not properly apologized. Yesterday, a senior editor for EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux, attacking black conservative RNC staffers, Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, who tried to challenge her assumptions and called her out for her …

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EBONY Magazine Staffer Jamilah Lemieux racially attacks RNC Raffi Williams – “Here Comes A White Dude” via Twitter

Raffi Williams with Father Juan Williams

Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor for Black Magazine EBONY became the latest liberal attacker on black republicans through the social medium by calling RNC Raffi Williams a “White Dude” and talking down to him as if were beneath her. I didn’t know that EBONY management tolerated this racist tone from …

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