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Wednesday , October 26 2016

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HIllary Clinton in a no-win situation after FBI stepped in to take possession of email server!


Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe” believes Hillary Clinton is now in a “no-win” situation with the FBI taking possession of her home-brewed email server. If they recover the scrubbed emails she has deleted, it’s almost certain some of those 30,000 emails had State Department-related information among them – which will …

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Morning Joe: Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod “Seems Very Upset And Very Agitated”


httpvh:// Oh what a shame…wrapped around himself… Morning Joe team notices David Axelrod “seems very upset and very agitated” — fishingmaniac (@fishingmaniac) August 15, 2012 MSNBC Crew Speculates why Axelrod has been so “Agitated” and “Upset" Speculates Internal Polling Worrisome — Hollywood Resistance (@BettinaVLA) August 15, 2012

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Mark Halperin: “Whatever the Court Rules (on ObamaCare) is Bad for the President”

[youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today, Time’s Mark Halperin said he believes “whatever” the Supreme Court rules this week on ObamaCare is “bad for the President.” If it is struck down, it is a huge blow to Obama, who “wasted a year-and-a half” of a filibuster proof majority pushing …

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