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Friday , December 9 2016

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WILLIS: When The Debate BECOMES The Debate

Debate 2016

The big question everyone asks following a debate is “Who won?” Sometimes, as was the case in the early debate among the 2nd tier candidates, the answer is clear. Other times, as we saw from the main event featuring the top tier candidates, the answer is a bit more complicated. …

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Can You Spot The Bias?


Let’s play a game of ‘Spot The Bias‘. Here are the rules, you look at the following AP photos and see if you can determine, without me telling you, which American political party they support. (Please, when you figure it out, don’t say anything because we don’t want to make …

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Media Bias! Liberal Media Praises Pope’s Climate Encyclical, Not His Pro-Life Views


With Pope Francis’s climate change encyclical expected to be released on Thursday, progressives wasted no time supporting it, only because it’s an issue they happen to support. ‘We are not God': Leaked document from Pope Francis rails against exploitation of fossil fuels — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) June 15, 2015 …

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Rental Dispute? Workplace Violence? Don’t Believe The Lies


By: Diana Sepulveda and Mona Salama A Brooklyn father of three with the American Dream was found nearly beheaded, burned, and robbed in his basement apartment on January 9, 2014. Mahuddin Mahmud legally immigrated to the US decades ago to start a computer software training business and became a landlord. …

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Five epidemics ignored by the mainstream media


Some epidemics are rarely discussed in the so-called “mainstream media,” but it certainly does not mean that they do not exist. An epidemic can be defined as a “sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon.” Wayne Dupree recently called for a “civil war” within the media because the “old guard has been …

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Wayne Dupree calls for a ‘civil war’ within the media


While speaking with Scottie Nell Hughes of the Tea Party News Network during the “Defending the American Dream Summit” in Dallas over the weekend, Wayne Dupree, CEO & Founder at WAAR Media Group, called for a “civil war” within the media because the “old guard has been getting it wrong for …

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An Open Letter to St. Louis Media

St. Louis flag

The recent events in St. Louis, and your conduct surrounding those events have prompted response from citizens. Ordinary average St. Louisans who have had their lives disrupted and turned upside down, in your quest for the all mighty rating. I am one of those citizens. I understand that this was …

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CPAC 2014: A New Hope


The future of the conservative movement is looking very bright. At CPAC2014, we saw our future. Cadets from military academies, students from colleges and universities, and one young man from  Wisconsin. Benji Backer addressed the Potomac ballroom and received thunderous applause. Benji first spoke of the taunting he received from …

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Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Harry for Ninja Post

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal. For 6 years I for one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing …

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Barack Obama’s Baby MUST Be ABORTED

Team News Ninja

Barack Obama’s Baby MUST Be ABORTED, By Joe Hakos Since day one of the Barack Obama administration’s reign of terror on the American People the number one priority for Obama was the total and complete take-over of the American Healthcare System. And the fact that the ONLY thing “Shotgun” Joe Biden …

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