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Saturday , December 3 2016

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AP: The Secretary of State Final Four Has Been Set


It looks like it’s come down to four names for President-Elect Donald Trump to make his decision of filling the Secretary of State cabinet position. For a couple of the names, he’s met with them multiple times so they have to have a leg up on others. On Tuesday night, …

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The 2016 Presidential Candidate Smorgasbord


I am very excited about all the choices we have for 2016 presidential candidates on the Republican side, with more announcing each day. I know some people in the media are wringing their hands and worrying over so many voices, but isn’t that what want? Each candidate brings good and …

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Fuggedaboutit! New WAAR Hosts Join Vito and Vito


Vito and Vito welcome some of WAARadio’s newest hosts! First up is Melanie Batley, host of The Podium,  which airs Mondays at 9pm. We’ll talk to Melanie about her new show, the Paris attacks and the new Mitt Romney rumors that he may run for President in 2016. Next up is …

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So What The Heck Is A Liberservative Anyway?

Game On

I have identified as Libertarian since I was nineteen. Twenty three long years of explaining to people that that my personal moral values and beliefs are mine to hold but do not reflect what I believe government should mandate or codify into law outside of three, maybe four of the Ten Commandments. People should …

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How Liberal Media is Picking the 2016 Republican Candidates


If you ask any conservative Republican, very few would say that Mitt Romney should run for the presidency again in 2016. However, CNN would like you to believe that their poll of “Republicans” puts Romney in a significant lead over other potential contenders. Because no self-respecting conservative or Republican would …

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Grassroots Reaction To 2014 Values Voters Summit Presidential Straw Poll

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.46.06 AM

The Values Voter Summit for 2014 just wrapped up in Washington, where passionate and unwavering conservatives filled the Omni Shoreham Hotel. The energy and excitement were palpable. An amazingly diverse group of powerhouse conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Star Parker, the Benham brothers, the Duggars, and Bobby …

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Leftists Infiltrate Conservative Groups on Social Media

frank m davis mask crop

While it has been known to happen, this article isn’t about leftist infiltration per say, it’s more about those who cry infiltration because they have a beef with someone. Here’s a funny story about a conservative author, Benghazi, Alec Baldwin’s conservative cousin, Harriet, and someone crying “ACORN!” Several weeks ago …

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