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Tuesday , May 24 2016

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Why Fox News contributors Stacey Dash, Ralph Peters should not be suspended for outbursts!


***BREAKING NEWS*** According to THE WRAP, Stacey Dash and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters receive two-week suspensions after using “sh**” and “pu**y,” respectively Stacey Dash and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters have been suspended for two weeks by Fox News after using profanity in attacks against President Obama, the company announced Monday. …

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What planet does MSNBC’s Touré live on?? Says the border is as secure as HUMANLY POSSIBLE


Someone might need to give a call to MSNBC and inform them that their boy Touré is having some mental health issues. He fails to recognize something the Obama administration can’t even deny! We have thousands of illegal alien children pouring across our southern border! They are overwhelming social services and …

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MSNBC Brzezinski Tears into Atlanta Democrat Mayor over Snow; Where is this attitude w/Obama?

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.28.47 AM

Why does the mayor have to do MSNBC’s job determining what person at what agency controls closure of highways? The numerous co-hosts of MSNBC’s morning show tore into Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who’s been blustery toward criticism that his city mangled the emergency response to Atlanta’s snowstorm. Reed took “his …

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Marc Lamont Hill: OK for MSNBC to use adopted black baby to mock Mitt Romney


As this writer reported Monday, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry convened a panel that mocked the adopted black grandchild of Mitt Romney. The episode drew fire from conservatives and liberals alike forcing Harris-Perry and others to issue apologies.   Harris-Perry, however, angered a number of people when she created a special hashtag …

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Bashir apologizes for remarks against Sarah Palin but isn’t held accountable by MSNBC


Martin Bashir is the quintessential example of everything that is wrong with the left wing liberal progressive media. They talk down to their viewers by acting as though their opinions are more valuable or insightful, while knowingly trying to sell their progressive propaganda as sound political analysis. Every once in …

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TOTAL HATRED FOR GOP – Liberal MSNBC Attacks Marsha Blackburn ‘Do U Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country’


MSNBC Host Thomas Roberts noted that President Obama has declared his healthcare legislation a “non-negotiable starting point.” With that in mind, the MSNBC host asked Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn, “Do you agree that no matter what something needs to come from the House that still has attachments for the ACA?” The …

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Boston Marathon Bombings Liberal Revision: Where the Tsarnaevs came from had “nothing to do” with the bombings


So, you have a Muslim who is part of a radical leftist organization denying that the Muslim backgrounds of the brothers had anything to do with their actions…Quelle surprise??! NOT! And, MSNBC showcases him; Quelle surprise again? NOT!! And, then he throws in Liberal mantra of Islamophobia…and climate of fear. …

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